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Success Stories

Nothing means more to us than testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Scroll down for success stories that pay tribute to the power of CMIT’s proactive IT solutions and our interconnected national network.

Achieving Great Results for Red Square Holdings
Turning Networking Opportunity into New Business Success StoryRed Square Holdings, based out of Sunny Isles, Fla., specializes in lending, concierge, real estate brokerage, and legal services, catering to a specific clientele in luxury and medical... more
Capturing Value for Pharmaceutical Companies
Jim Berwick, the former CFO of Insight Pharmaceuticals, a fast-growing consumer products company in the over-the-counter space, was in the market for a technology advisor. Jim needed help building a technology infrastructure that could meet... more
Helping Non Profits with Technology Upgrades
Long overdue for an updated computer system, including new hardware and software, as well as a modernized phone system, Washington Heights CORNER Project met CMIT Solutions at a critical juncture for the organization. At that... more
Helping Medical Practices Focus on Delivering Quality Care
Behind every great medical practice is a hard-working office manager. Charged with handling the accounting, marketing, and operational needs of the healthcare practice, the office manager serves an important role in driving the growth and... more
Providing a Safety Net for a Growing Start-up
Planning Solutions, LLC underwent a period of trial and error before finding an IT service provider that could meet all of their technology needs.If there’s a way to find comfort before jumping off of a... more
Economic Downturn Drives Opportunities for IT Overhauls
Consulting Agency’s Internal IT Department Crumbles in Wake of Great Recession; CMIT Solutions of San Marcos and New Braunfels Step In to Help Company RebuildSigma Breakthrough Technologies Inc. (SBTI), a leading global management-consulting firm specializing... more
CMIT Solutions of Monroe Relieves Local Business of IT Pain
Rochester Surgical Associates was frustrated with incompetent IT services — so CMIT Solutions of Monroe stepped in to boost efficiency and increase productivity.Any functioning, modern office knows that if computers are down, trouble isn’t far... more
A Smooth Ride for Limo Company
Teddy’s Transportation System was one server crash away from catastrophe until Marathon and Guardian came to the rescue.When you run a growing 24/7/365 global executive ground transportation service, you can’t leave your IT infrastructure to... more
The Whole School Is a Hot Spot
Park City Prep, an inner-city charter school serving low-income and minority students, had antiquated technology that worked poorly when it worked at all. CMIT Solutions of Central Fairfield County turned it into a model campus... more
It Would Have Taken 20 Person-Years to Recover!
Rebuilding lost customer pricing sets would have taken over 5000 days. CMIT Solutions made sure Terrace Supply never had to worry about data loss.As a distributor of industrial gas, welding supplies, and automotive refinish supplies... more
Evelynn Montgomery, Operations Director, Atlanta Land Group
Guardian protects us if our server is stolen or breaks down or has some malfunction that actually halts business. The BDR can serve as an interim server. It can actually replace the server that we... more
Trenton Harris, CEO, Via Seating
If we had some kind of earthquake or something here, which we certainly had our fair share of over the last year, it would have been quite devastating particularly on the technical side where all... more
Aaron Spencer, President & CEO, Spencer Building Maintenance
CMIT dealt with my local backup needs so that if I just need to get one specific piece of information, they can actually do it remotely from their office and get my people back and... more
IT Operations Manager, Horan and McConaty Funeral Services
If someone chooses CMIT for an outsourced IT company, they are really going to find someone who has a personal relationship with their business; that they try to understand the culture of their client’s business... more
Brian Overheidt, Business Manager, Terrace Supply Company
CMIT has provided us with a system that allows us to access our data, and we can actually look at it and see that that data is there. It’s a fantastic system! It allows us... more