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Improving Security Within the Cloud

Cyber Security Companies in Ann ArborCyber Security Companies In Ann Arbor And Plymouth Can Help You Manage The Risks Of The Cloud.

Cloud messaging has made small businesses more productive than ever, but there are some risks associated with the cloud. Cyber security companies in Ann Arbor and Plymouth can help you manage these risks.

The cloud was originally intended for consumer use, but it has cemented a spot in the professional world, too. Three-quarters of those responding to a 2017 study of US workers conducted by 451 Research reported they use a third-party messaging platform in the workplace. Despite its popularity, though, only a little more than 60 percent of respondents said their employers had recently updated security policies regarding messaging. How do you balance the popularity of cloud messaging with security while keeping it easy to use and reliable? Cyber security companies in Ann Arbor and Plymouth can help you achieve:

1. Simple IT Security Infrastructure

Security should be multi-layered and include firewalls, secure data centers, and policy management that work in combination to secure communications.

2. Advanced ID Management

Messaging apps used by employees need to be out in the open, but in order to encourage this, they must be easy to use. Shadow IT messaging apps mean employers have no idea what’s going on. It’s important for employers to have full insight and be able to manage accounts with specific password requirements.

4. Reliable Connections and Data Protection

It’s getting increasingly difficult to stay ahead of messaging apps and their ability to encrypt data-in-transit and while resting. It’s also tough to know if they have weaknesses in their security. The fact is consumer-grade messaging is just too big a risk. There needs to be a guarantee that messages are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Cyber security companies in Ann Arbor and Plymouth make this possible. Encrypted messaging ensures that private conversations will remain that way, and it will provide peace of mind when it comes to sensitive information.

Most businesses already place a high level of importance on “at rest” data that is stored on hard drives or in the cloud and implement spam filters, firewalls, and the like. However, they sometimes fail to place the same level of importance on the security of messages transmitting information from one user to another via text message, email, or apps. Your secure network isn’t enough because you can’t be sure the recipient is using a secured network. Encrypted messages are guaranteed to be safe, even if a hacker tries to intercept the information within the message. Standard message encryption encodes a message in a way as to appear unintelligible to anyone who sees it unless they have the key to unlock it. And unlocking it requires the use of the specific encryption key, which is provided only to the intended recipient.

Keep Your Data Safe Without Missing Out On Productivity

Messaging is an essential part of today’s workforce and despite the security risks, it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Cloud app security allows you to keep sensitive data safe and protect your business from hackers so you and your team are able to focus on more important issues. Secure messaging provided by cyber security companies in Ann Arbor and Plymouth allows you to meet compliant obligations and it permits your team to collaborate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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