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How Businesses Benefit from Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services in Ann Arbor and Plymouth

How Businesses Can Benefit from Managed IT Services in Ann Arbor and Plymouth

Are you considering managed IT services in Ann Arbor and Plymouth? You should be. The rise of outsourcing IT has provided numerous benefits to businesses of every size, but most significantly small- to medium-size businesses. Managed IT services were born of a break-fix model where technology professionals were only brought in if something wasn’t working properly. With advances in technology, companies quickly realized that this model would never be enough. In today’s world, nearly everything is interconnected and almost every single business in the world uses some sort of technology to operate. Those technologies need to be kept up to date and protected and that’s where managed IT services companies come in.


Using managed IT services in Ann Arbor and Plymouth means that your systems and business are set up to run more efficiently. Companies like CMIT Solutions live and breathe technology and that means they know what might be best for the efficiency of your business. In addition, the continuous support and protection they provide ensure that your systems continue to run effectively reducing the risk for cyber security issues and downtime.


Speaking of protection, if you’re currently leaving cyber security up to an overwhelmed in-house employee, your business could be at risk. Many small- to medium-sized businesses just don’t have the staff and resources to solely devote to IT. That means that your systems are constantly at risk. Many in-house IT teams aren’t on top of updates and patches because they’re tasked with a myriad of other responsibilities from fixing the copier to figuring out what’s next for the business. When you outsource IT to a company like CMIT Solutions, you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to IT knowledge, protection, and more.

Cost Savings

Perhaps one of the best benefits of using managed IT services in Ann Arbor and Plymouth is the cost savings. Not only can right-sizing your outsourced IT package be a benefit for your bottom line, you’ll save money on not having to hire a highly qualified (and expensive) professional in-house. Aside from saving on high-end salaries and benefits, you’ll save money in the form of reduced downtime should you ever experience a cyberattack or system issue. When your systems go down, that costs money but with a team of talented professionals at your disposal, you’ll have a keen peace of mind.


Which brings up one of the last and most comforting benefits to using managed IT services in Ann Arbor and Plymouth – support. Support is invaluable. With a team like CMIT Solutions, you have 24/7 support so if something goes wrong, you know it’s already being handled. Beyond emergency support, when you partner with an outsourced IT team, you know they’re taking care of your system. Updates are being made and they’re monitoring what’s happening. Knowing everything is being handled is priceless.

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