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Wisconsin Law Firm Finds New Level Of IT Support

Young, Schuster and Maslowski avoids costly downtime with help from CMIT Solutions

OSHKOSH, WISC. — Computer problems are annoying for any office, but for a law firm, they can be extraordinarily costly. When your business relies on billable hours, you can’t afford to have your computer systems fail.

A year ago, the six-year-old server at Young, Schuster and Maslowski was crashing frequently and crippling the firm’s workflow, and its “break-fix” IT provider wasn’t getting it done.

“In the past, the other large commercial outfit that we were using for IT didn’t have the ability to dial in remotely to fix problems, so we would have three to four hours of downtime while they sent a technician to come to the office to fix the problem — and we were losing money the whole time the computers were down,” said managing partner John Schuster.

The firm desperately needed to upgrade its server and work stations. So Schuster began working with CMIT Solutions of Appleton and local owner Rich Szymanski last summer to prepare for a December in order to plan for the upgrade. Preparation was critical to ensure the firm’s system would be down for as little time as possible.

Szymanski and his team surpassed expectations.

“They were pretty incredible,” Schuster said. “They started the install on a Friday afternoon and worked on it over the weekend. When we came in on Monday morning, everything was upgraded and working, including the work stations. They were here on Monday just to make sure that everything was working great, and it was. We had literally no disruption at all.”

Since the upgrade, Schuster says the firm has had few problems with technology. In fact, CMIT’s remote monitoring of the server has headed off problems. This winter, a storm knocked out power to the law firm’s building after hours, shutting down the server and disrupting internet service. CMIT noticed immediately that the server had shut down and called Schuster, who was able to go into the office to reboot the server and contact his service provider. Downtime averted.

CMIT Solutions of Appleton has also created cloud-based computing solutions that allow users to log in remotely to the server and their work stations. The remote access allows staff to work from home or while traveling, boosting efficiency. And the service has been a deal.

“The price is very reasonable. We’re paying slightly less than we were before, but we’re getting three times the service,” Schuster said. “They have been fantastic and are the most knowledgeable tech people that we’ve worked with in the past five years.

“What is nice about them is that they just solve problems, and everything works. You don’t have to micromanage them at all. You can worry about other things. I’ve probably already recommended them to a dozen or so people. Good tech guys are hard to find up here, and Rich and his team are great.”


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