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3 Ways To Keep Cyber Security At The Forefront

Cyber Security in BrookhavenIn the busy day-to-day life of your business, cyber security often gets pushed aside. Your IT team might be more focused on putting out fires, as opposed to setting up proactive measures for cyber security in Brookhaven. But in today’s climate, these measures are not a luxury, but instead a necessity. Instead of rushing to call 911 after an emergency, you should have properly installed fire alarms, or better yet, eliminate the risk of potential fire. Setting up cyber security systems is a similar must-have to keep your business running smoothly. But how do you keep it top of mind?

1. Keep Teams Trained
A few years ago, a business could get away with training cyber security professionals in Brookhaven on a few protocols, monitor the system, and address further issues as they arose. Unfortunately, as risk of attack has increased, this is no longer enough.

The move to the cloud and other software automation services has made it appear that cyber security specialists are less imperative. However, modern systems require creative decision makers, not just order takers. Your business needs experts who can synthesize information from different sources and choose the best plan of action to address the cyber security needs.

Unfortunately, the need does not match the supply, and there’s lack of such experts in the market. The complexity of modern IT systems requires more people with a constantly evolving skill set to manage rising concerns.

Take a look at your IT team and assess any skill gaps. If immediate hiring isn’t possible, bridge the divide with supplemental training, tools, and other resources for your current personnel. To start strengthening your team, you need to know your weaknesses.

2. Involve Your Security Team
Cyber security should be well integrated in your Brookhaven business. As a result, your cyber security experts should have more influence on company policies and procedures.

Security influences all aspects of your business, including hiring and operations, and the your experts need the opportunity to make their voice heard. Your technology experts have an invaluable perspective on setting up security policies every step of the way. To start, provide a method that your security team can communicate suggestions to your leadership team.

Executives might not warm up to this collaboration right away, but if you emphasize the dangers of security breaches and how they can be prevented, they will be swayed. Proper cyber security in Brookhaven can help your bottom line, which is something your whole team can get on board with.

3. Create a Culture Around Security
Human error is inevitable, but you can help eliminate the risk by educating every employee on security measures and best behaviors.

Start at the beginning by vetting potential employees on their knowledge of security best practices, including if they can spot phishing attempts or if they know to keep passwords safe.

Organize regular and meaningful training on the latest scams and practices for every employee. Communicate with your team as threats arise and evolve. Regular reminders to remain vigilant will help protect your entire company.

Proper cyber security measures for companies in Brookhaven are not an overnight solution. However, if you start with risk mitigation, you can help make cyber security front and center for your business.

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