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What Does an IT Project Manager Do?

IT Project Manager in Brookhaven GraphicThe term project manager gets thrown around a lot. But if you’re hiring an IT project manager in Brookhaven, you probably want to figure out what exactly you’re spending your money on. Project managers, of all disciplines, do just what their title says – they manage projects. The variety comes in the industries in which project managers work. Just as every industry is different, every project manager has varied specializations but one common core skillset. Most project managers are deadline driven, organized, efficient, and focused on the end result as they have the ultimate responsibility of ensuring a project is completed successfully, on time, and within budget (usually). IT project managers are part IT pros and part management wizards. They’re responsible for a variety of things including:

Planning. IT project managers are responsible for coming up with plans that include goals and budgets. They also must identify any resources needed to complete the project on time and within budget.

Scheduling. Your IT project manager in Brookhaven needs to be great at scheduling. Depending on the size of your project, there could be a lot of hands in the pot and making sure everyone does their part on time is crucial to the success of the project.

Analysis. IT project managers need to be in-the-moment analysts that constantly analyze the efficiency and progress of the project. They need to be able to make adjustments as the project progresses so that goals are achieved on time.

Organization. Organization skills are crucial to project managers, especially those in IT. Technology projects often involved a number of moving parts and not being organized enough to keep track of them along with their statuses can be a disaster.

Coordination. With all those moving parts, your IT project manager in Brookhaven must be an excellent coordinator. Typically, there are several different departments working on any given IT project, which means there are lots of people to coordinate with. IT project managers must be good at determining individual responsibilities and ensuring they’re executed.

Communication. IT project managers must be excellent communicators. Not only are they keeping everyone involved in the project on track and informed, they’re letting you know the status of your project.

IT projects can involve anything from software development and implementation to hardware installation or network upgrades – or all of the above. Having a talented team to handle your next IT project can make the difference between smooth sailing and bumpy seas. If you’re looking for a qualified IT project manager in Brookhaven, let CMIT Solutions help. We’re backed by a nationwide network of talented professionals coupled with local offices run by members of the community. With years of experience in IT, we’ll be sure to get your project done no matter how big or small.

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