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What Makes for Good IT Project Management

IT Project Management in BrookhavenThe Necessities for IT Project Management in Brookhaven

The need for qualified project managers is on the rise – specifically those experienced in IT project management in Brookhaven and beyond are in demand. IT project managers must possess a talented combination of technical and soft skills. People in these kinds of roles need skills like time management, ability to multitask, and a thorough understanding the current IT world. While IT project management follows the traditional process for any project management, those in technology need to think a bit differently about how to approach it. Here are some things IT project managers must keep in mind:

  • Predictive Life Cycle. This approach to IT project management in Brookhaven is the most standard option. A predictive life cycle, the project team defines the scope of the project, including costs, and a schedule of events before the start of the project. It’s traditional to define the phases of the project and move along those phases in succession. It can also be referred to as a “waterfall” approach as the phases of the project are completed.
  • Iterative Life Cycle. Another approach involves the project management portion of a project being defined early in the project but things like cost and duration are addressed at a higher level even earlier in the project. While the project progresses costs and schedule are updated through iterations of planning. As an example, a new software project may come up with additional features or “iterations” as the project progresses.
  • Adaptive Life Cycle. An adaptive approach for IT project management in Brookhaven is just as it sounds – it uses bursts of planning and executing while adapting to needs. Change is anticipated in this type of project management life cycle. This style is great for software development projects and the like.

However, how do you know you’ve selected the right firm to provide IT project management in Brookhaven? There are several things that good IT project managers will do with any project they take on. Not only should they have a unique blend of skills, but they must be fully trained and knowledgeable in industry-leading developments. Before you hire an IT project management team, ensure they’re prepared to do the following:

  • Manage resource conflicts. A good IT project management team can get the job done on deadline and on budget and that involves managing resources. Projects are always limited by time and money, but a great IT partner will work within the parameters for the best outcome.
  • Know their stuff. You hired the experts for a reason and they should consistently keep on top of industry developments and emerging technologies. IT project management in Brookhaven involves more than installing patches and keeping systems up to date – they have to know what is coming and what can improve your business, too.
  • Communicate. Communication is a must-have for an IT project manager. Not only must they communicate with each other, they need to be able to communicate with you and your team. Keeping everyone in the loop is critical when it comes to IT.
  • Explain risks. IT involves risk and a solid IT project management team should be able to explain the possibilities of any project. They don’t have to make you an IT expert, but they should be able to let you know about what could happen with any IT project they take on.

If you’re looking for someone to help with IT project management in Brookhaven, contact CMIT Solutions. With a nationwide network of support, your business will never be alone.

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