Here’s How CEOs Can Take a Proactive Role in Protecting the Business’s Cybersecurity

IT personnel walking inside data serverWhen it comes to cybersecurity, anyone can be a weak link. From your lowest employee to your biggest stakeholder, anyone with access to your organization’s virtual network can be compromised and bring serious damage to the company. Cybersecurity may be in the domain of the IT department, but it is very much an integral issue that top management, especially the company’s CEO, needs to not only be aware of but to take an active part in to strengthen and improve the organization’s defense lines.

Internet Security Threats Are on the Rise

If cybersecurity has not traditionally ranked high on the daily to-do list of most CEOs, the disturbing statistics on cyberattacks sweeping the globe should alarm you enough to take the reins in this matter. Web terrorism is on the rise, and hackers are hard at work 24/7. Their list of victims is no longer limited to business giants like Sony or Marriott hotels; these days, even the most humble passion projects can be a target for cyber terrorists.

As many as 4,800 websites are compromised each month, over 70 million records are reported stolen from poorly secured systems, and the numbers are only increasing.

Given how sophisticated modern technology has become, combined with the rapid rate with which it still continues to develop, it’s no exaggeration to say that all it takes now is one, small slip-up for a company to be well and truly compromised.

As things are, traditional cybersecurity measures like firewalls and frequent password updates are no longer enough to protect enterprises against cyberattacks. Your company needs to make a stand, and you, as the CEO, should be at the forefront of your defensive measures.

It’s Time to Take Over

In the modern organization, protecting against cyber threats is no longer just under the purview of your IT team; now, it’s all hands on deck. Everyone in your organization, whether a temporary intern or a tenured executive, needs to be aboard your cyber defense campaign. Your role as the captain of this ship is to lead the charge. Fortunately, an extensive background in computer science is not necessary. As the CEO, here are the steps you can take to ensure your beloved organization is safe from cyberattacks.

Learn the Basics

cybersecurity personnelYou need to learn what you are up against, so your first priority should be to acquire a working knowledge of fundamental cybersecurity concepts, particularly those that apply to your line of business.

Whether you consult with your in-house IT personnel or with a hired professional, brush up on the common terms used in cybersecurity to better understand what you’re dealing with. You can take this up a notch by learning some of the programming languages used in the industry, especially if you want to take a hands-on approach to your company’s security. Languages include the low-level, beginner-friendly C and C++, Python, web languages JavaScript and PHP, and the common language used in managing databases, SQL.

Make Cybersecurity a Board-Level Issue

Web attacks may affect everyone in the company, but it’s the board of directors who will call the shots on how to deal with them. For this reason, you definitely want them to be in the loop on the right steps to take. For better or for worse, information technology is now a cornerstone of the modern company. Any organization that has a digital presence (which is essentially all of them) is vulnerable to web attacks, and securing your company against cyberthreats is to secure its future as well. As the highest decision-making body, it’s the board’s duty to protect the organization and to look after its interests–in the digital age, this means taking cybersecurity seriously for the very real threat it presents.

Audit Your Data Protection

Much like you would audit your company’s financial records or your employees’ work performance, your IT systems also require a thorough check-up to ensure that everything is up to grade.

You want a comprehensive audit that would safeguard your organization from any and all cyberattacks, no matter the scale, which is why you would be better served bringing in professional and trusted cybersecurity support services. They can test your system for vulnerabilities, and they can patch up any weak link they might find. They can install security measures to protect your company from known threats, and they will also make allowances for possible new ones. If you are using a third-party IT support provider, a regular audit is all the more important.

IT systems have become increasingly more sophisticated, which is why many organizations opt to outsource them to third-party IT support companies. These companies are better-equipped and better trained to meet their clients’ cyber needs, and are committed to ensuring the modern business is well protected against–and well-prepared to deal with–the threat of cyberattacks.

Here at CMIT Solutions, our commitment is to securing your organization against the all-too-real risks to your cybersecurity. We offer custom IT solutions to small- to medium-sized enterprises, giving you the peace of mind to confidently grow your business in the digital era. Our innovative services include data protection, network IT support, systems around-the-clock monitoring, and others. Take the first step in protecting your company and ensuring its future success: message us today and find the best IT solution for your business.

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