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5 Managed IT Statistics Every Small Business Could Learn From

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If you run a small business, chances are you may be overwhelmed with juggling your company’s IT on top of everything else. That’s why managed IT services like those from CMIT Solutions are such great resources. 

Managed IT service providers can offer expert knowledge and a variety of cyber security functions that can help your operations run smoothly and securely. 

Still unsure? Here are some important IT statistics that we think all small businesses can learn from.

1. Data Crashes Cost Small Businesses $10,000 Per Each Hour of Downtime

Did you know that over half of all small businesses need more than an hour to recover from any data crash? Additionally, a recent study from CloudRadar reports that IT downtime can cost small businesses $10,000 per hour on average. Is it worth taking the risk? 

Partnering with a managed IT service provider like CMIT Solutions of Bothell can help you avoid that costly downtime and keep your business up and running should anything happen.

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2. Small Businesses Are the Target for 43% of All Cyber Attacks

Even if you’re taking precautions, the fact that you’re a small business could be putting a target on your back. Cyber criminals don’t just go after big, financially stable companies. According to a Verizon data breach report, small businesses are the main target for 43% of all cyber attacks. 

Don’t be easy prey—ensure your security with a managed IT service provider.

3. 7% of a Small Business’s Revenue Goes Toward IT Services

It may come as a surprise that on average 6.9% of a small business’s revenue goes toward IT services. For such a large chunk of change, a growing business shouldn’t have to gamble on what it gets back. 

Put your IT budget toward managed IT services and feel good about your investment.

4. Managed IT Services Can Reduce In-House Costs by 40%

If you’re looking to save some money, cutting your IT budget isn’t the answer. In fact, Cisco reports that managed IT services can reduce recurring in-house costs by up to 40%. Not only that, but opting for managed IT can increase employee efficiency between 50 and 60%. 

You’re a growing business, so save where it counts and invest in your employees and a healthy, supportive work environment.

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5. A Quarter of Customers Will End Business with a Company That Suffers a Security Breach

A cyber attack not only impacts your company directly, but also negatively affects your customer base as well. As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, 1 out of every 4 Americans say they’ll end their business with a company after they suffer a security breach. 

Avoid losing your loyal customers and keep client retention high by outsourcing your IT.

Protect Your Success: Partner with CMIT Solutions of Bothell Today

We want you to be successful and focus on growing your business—let us worry about all things IT. 

CMIT Solutions of Bothell has years of experience supporting small and mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries with their cyber security needs. Our managed IT services include cloud hosting, data protection and backup, network security, 24/7 system monitoring and more.

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Contact us today and let’s get a plan in place to secure your business’s success and cyber safety.

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