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3 Ways IT Consulting is Different from IT Support

If you’ve recently been research IT consulting in Bothell, you might’ve come up with a lot of offers for IT support or managed services. While these types of services are exceedingly helpful to businesses of all sizes, IT consulting doesn’t technically encompass just the average tech guy that can keep your software up to date. IT consulting involves a much more advanced skill set and requires years of experience in the business world. Not all IT services companies are created equal. Many IT support companies claim to offer a brand of IT consulting, but in reality, they’re just selling you other IT services instead of providing a vision for how IT can best help your business. Here are three ways IT consulting is different from IT support. 

  1. IT consultants provide guidance. When you work with a company that provides IT consulting in Bothell, the end goal is to come out of your engagement with a clear plan on how technology can best serve your business. IT consultants provide guidance on a range of things including overall IT strategy and the goals of the business. For example, IT consultants can advise you on whether you should store everything in a data center or take advantage of the cloud. They can also review and evaluate the kind of technology and functionality you need within IT and business environments combined with goals. While generally speaking IT consulting is advising, it’s much more than that. It’s really figuring out what clients need to meet a goal and assisting them get there through technology.
  2. IT consultants love data. Good IT consulting in Bothell, and beyond, includes reviewing data. A strategic technology partner will help clients use technical tools to the best possible benefit of their business. In order to accomplish this, they look at how a client uses, collects, and stores data in order to bridge the gap between strategy and technology. IT consultants will review the client’s data processes to create a strategy for IT and then implement it to reach the goal. Not only will consultants look at a client’s data needs, they’ll look at capabilities, products, and new technologies that will best be able to help the client accomplish the goal and evaluate whether or not these services are beneficial in helping the client achieve their goals.
  3. IT consultants typically don’t implement the vision. One way IT consulting in Bothell can get confused with IT support is when a client wants the consultant to implement the strategic plan. IT consultants traditionally come up with the plan, then a client has to find someone else to implement it. However, when you work with a company like CMIT Solutions, you’ll get a one-stop shop. Not only do these comprehensive IT companies provide quality consulting, they can also carry out the vision then maintain it through a long-lasting relationship.

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