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Why Cyber Security Matters for Your Business

Cyber Security in Franklin and BrentwoodWhy Your Business Needs Cyber Security in Franklin and Brentwood

You know cyber security in Franklin and Brentwood is important, but do you know just how crucial it is for businesses? Everything in today’s world is interconnected and that means that things you aren’t even thinking of could be putting your business at risk. Companies of every size need to take cyber security seriously. No matter how big your operation, putting the information of your clients, staff, or overall business processes at risk can mean disaster for your company. To know how to protect yourself, you first must know what puts you at risk.


Services providing cyber security in Franklin and Brentwood are aimed at preventing your business from being a victim of a cyberattack. A cyberattack can put your business at risk through compromising your operating systems and stealing valuable information. Your IT systems, your customers, your money, and much more are at risk in the event of a cyberattack. There are several types of attacks that cyber criminals can thrust upon your business including:

  • Scareware: This is one of the trickiest forms of cyberattack. Scareware typically comes in the form of a fake security warning that says a user’s system is infected and that something must be downloaded to fix it. Users are then tricked into downloading and paying for software that does nothing. It can be one of the most profitable forms of cyberattack. The download can also contain harmful programs that could cause even more damage.
  • Botnets and Zombies: A robot network (botnet) is a collection of compromised computers that are connected to one central controller. The zombies are what criminals call the compromised computers. The bot steals data and are becoming increasingly harder to detect. Your information can be ferreted out through a compromised device to the bot and into the hands of criminals.
  • Malware: Malware, including Trojan horses, worms, and more, are viruses that infect computers through malicious links, email attachments, and the like. Users can be deceived into downloading attachments or opening links in emails from trusted contacts without realizing the damage they can cause. This damage then seeps into your network and can cause a huge disaster. This is one of the biggest reasons for needing cyber security in Franklin and Brentwood.
  • Denial-of-Service: Denial-of-service is exactly what it sounds like – criminals can take control of your systems preventing you from controlling them. Criminals will then demand ransom to relinquish control of your systems and/or information.

Protecting your business from dangerous cyberattacks is critical. Not only can cyberattacks cost money and revenue through downtime or worse, they can reduce your clients’ trust in your business. Every other week we hear of a new data breach which has compromised customers’ information – don’t let your business be a statistic! Finding a trusted partner to provide cyber security in Franklin and Brentwood is key in protecting your business. Making sure your systems are protected and up to date can aid in preventing dangerous cyberattacks. If you’re looking for someone to help, contact CMIT Solutions.

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