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What is a Managed Service Provider?

The way businesses are operated is constantly changing thanks to advances in technology. Companies are able to reduce costs through outsourcing certain services. For example, investing in Managed IT in Franklin and Brentwood can save having an entire department on payroll. More and more companies are turning to managed service providers, like CMIT Solutions, to partner with them in keeping their systems safe.

What exactly does a managed service provider do?

Managed service providers are companies that can remotely manage their client’s IT department. Instead of a business maintaining an in-house IT department, they can instead elect to pay an MSP a set fee through a subscription, and the MSP will act as their IT professionals. As opposed to carrying an entire IT department on-staff, or overwhelming other employees with IT tasks, businesses can opt to subscribe to an MSP’s services under a variety of pricing structures.

Many MSPs offer subscription services based on a specific business’s need. This pricing could be per device, per service, per user, or packaged as all-inclusive pricing. A trusted provider will cater your specific plan to your needs. As an example, perhaps you need managed IT in Brentwood but don’t really need cloud or hosting services, your MSP should cater your subscription do what you need so that you’re not paying for things you don’t use. However, if you’re hiring an MSP to act as your entire IT department, including being available for issues and questions, you might opt for an all-inclusive package that would cover everything that may come up. You and your MSP will work together under a service-level agreement that you both approve so that you can measure the effectiveness and worth of their services.

Where MSPs are most useful is the world of small- and medium-sized businesses. Typically, these businesses can’t afford to employ an entire department to manage IT. Instead, they either put all the burden on one employee, spread it across multiple employees who aren’t really IT people, or partner with an MSP. Partnering with an MSP can give smaller businesses the same level of IT expertise as their larger counterparts. However, large organizations also enlist the services of MSPs to augment their own internal IT departments on occasion.

If you’re looking for Managed IT in Franklin and Brentwood, CMIT Solutions can help! We offer a range of managed IT services that we can cater to fit your particular business needs. From cloud services and hosting to cybersecurity and more, CMIT Solutions is a talented team of IT professionals with a wide network to help your business.

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