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Do You Know What Cryptojacking Is?

Network Security in Franklin and BrentwoodThe Need for Network Security in Franklin and Brentwood 

Unless you’re the head of a professional IT team responsible for network security in Franklin and Brentwood, you’ve probably never heard of cryptojacking. This method is just another in a long line of things cybercriminals use to take advantage of weaknesses in your network security. Cryptojacking is using someone’s computer to mine cryptocurrency without their authorization. Criminals accomplish this by getting a user to either click on a malicious link within an email or infecting the machine through online ads using JavaScript. Perhaps the worst part about this new trend is that its victims don’t even know it’s occurred since these programs can run in the background with the user none the wiser.

This dangerous and hard-to-trace trend is on the rise. Studies report that last year, in-browser cryptojacking was up by 31 percent. Because the function is so new, there is likely to be a significant increase in its effect within the coming months. Having a focus on network security in Franklin and Brentwood can aid in reducing the probability that your business could be impacted, though many organizations have no idea they’ve been a target. The technology for cryptojacking is so elementary that more and more people are able to do it. There are kits available on the dark web that allow relatively inexperienced people to participate in this behavior. Even skilled hackers are seeing cryptojacking as more effective and cheaper than traditional cyberattacks like ransomware.

But how does it happen? Cybercriminals can get your computer to mine cryptocurrency. The first is to somehow trick someone into putting cryptomining code on their computer. This can be easily done through email. When a user receives a legitimate-looking email, they’ll click on a link within it and dispatch a code that will run script for cryptomining on the computer. The second way is to put the code into an ad that is run on several websites or a single website itself. When someone visits the website and the ad pops up, the script runs. Because both are relatively easy to do, cybercriminals will frequently use both methods concurrently to maximize returns.

One of the only ways to protect yourself from this type of behavior is to have a trusted IT partner. Network security in Franklin and Brentwood is becoming more and more advanced and having someone you can trust to keep your systems safe is crucial. Companies like CMIT Solutions offer experienced, highly-qualified IT professionals that can help protect yourself against events like cryptojacking and other cyberattacks. If you’re looking for someone to partner with, contact us today! We’ll examine your business and set up a right-sized solution to fit your needs.

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