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5 Cyber Security Threats that Could Affect Your Small Business in 2020

Cyber security in Denver

Make sure your cyber security in Denver is prepared to handle these 5 cyber threats.

Every year brings an increased number and variety of threats to the cyber security of small businesses across the country. Cyber security in Denver is an important part of keeping your business safe, but you also need to know what threats are ahead. Identifying your business’s vulnerabilities and coming up with a plan to combat those vulnerabilities can make a big difference when it comes to protecting client data.

What are the top 5 anticipated cyber risks looming on the horizon for 2020?

1. Threats from AI

In addition to targeting AI systems, hackers will also utilize AI to launch attacks. Systems controlled by AI need to be scanned for vulnerabilities. It’s also important to recognize ways in which AI can be used for social engineering or phishing attacks. For instance, well-designed emails or videos could appear to be legitimate, but actually be an attack on your business. AI might also be used to launch sensible disinformation campaigns.

Keep in mind, your business also has the power to use AI to defend against attacks, so the news isn’t all bad. AI threat identification systems and AI-controlled systems for identifying vulnerabilities are one of the strongest tools cyber security in Denver can provide for your business.

2. Data at Risk during Transit

For the past several years, cyber security professionals have focused on the ability of hackers to access routers and other IoT centers to capture data running through them. Malware has been embedded in routers to steal banking certifications, catch credit card numbers, or present malicious website pages to the clients in an effort to steal data. Hackers will continue to advance their methods to capture information while in transit and efforts need to be made to prevent this from happening.

3. Threats in the Cloud

As convenient and efficient as the cloud makes business life – and as much data security as it offers – it has also created a slew of new threats. 

Statistics show that by the end of 2020, the vast majority of cloud-based security will include network firewalls, secure web gateway, and web application firewall platforms. As a small business owner, you must evaluate every application and determine what level of security is needed based on how you are utilizing the cloud. Professionals offering cyber security in Denver can help you make these decisions.

4. More Creative Approaches by Hackers

The methods cyber criminals are using to launch attacks is becoming more and more creative. They know cyber security in Denver is trying to stay one step ahead of them and they are doing all they can to circumvent security measures.

One of the ways they are doing this is to find new ways to trick users into giving up personal information or login credentials. Phishing efforts are no longer limited to email only and your staff needs to know that at any time, an attack could be launched via SMS, video, telephone, or any other method of contact.

5. Increase in Mobile Attacks

Speaking of phone calls and SMS, more and more cyber criminals are utilizing mobile devices for attacks. The convenience of mobile has come at the expense of higher security risks, especially when it comes to the overlap between personal and professional mobile device use. The plan you have for cyber security in Denver must include the protection of all mobile devices used by your team.

If you are looking to bulk up your cyber security in Denver, we’re here to help! Fill out a short form and tell us about your current level of security. We’ll help identify how you can be sure your business is protected against ever-evolving cyber threats.

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