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3 Things To Look For When Choosing An IT Service Provider

So, what do you look for in computer or IT support for your business or nonprofit? 

Hi, I’m Steve Conyers with CMIT solutions where we provide cyber-security and IT services to businesses and nonprofits. I can’t tell you what you should look for, but I can tell you what our clients and prospects tell us about us and why they choose us. And there are three reasons that come up quite frequently. 

The first one is communication. We are clear in our communication with our prospects and clients, and that starts from our initial meetings with them before we, they become clients through to their life of being a client of, of ours. And in that we, we speak in business language and not in technology. 

So we’re not throwing acronyms at you and stuff like that. We’re trying to understand your business and that leads directly to the second point, which is, that we provide technology services in alignment with your business objectives.

So we’d like to understand your business, how you make money, how you provide services to your if you’re a nonprofit, and then how the technology can help you achieve your goals. Many times we hear technology companies are focused just on the technology and the latest gizmos and things like that. 

Then the third thing is cybersecurity or, you know, data security in proportion to your risk. So as most people probably know, cybersecurity is a big concern for businesses, but it, all depends upon your business, and how concerned you are about specific aspects. 

You don’t want to be just buying products without understanding where your risk actually lies and where your money is best spent. So if these are these three points of interest to you, you can contact me directly or at the information at the end of this video. And also at the end of the video is the links to my webpage and YouTube channel with other videos. So you can see how we do business. 

Again, I’m Steve Conyers with CMIT solutions, hoping you have a safe and secure day.


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