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Is Your IT Team Following Cybersecurity Best Practices

You may know the importance of training for cybersecurity, training your employees for cybersecurity, and following policies and procedures that are secure. But have you thought about your IT staff or your IT company? Are they following cybersecurity best practices? 

I am Steve Conyers with CMIT solutions where we provide cyber security and IT services to businesses and nonprofits. And I have three points to make about that. 

One is, do not assume that your IT people in your firm or your outsourced IT company is following the advice that they’re giving you and your employees frequently. 

They take shortcuts to like improve their service to make it quick. They think they know what they’re doing and no one’s going to hack through them. 

So a lot of times they’ll, for example, reuse a password, multiple places, and things like that. 

The second thing I would recommend is that you require evidence of your, IT team’s compliance with cybersecurity.

What is, what are their cybersecurity? Do you see their cybersecurity policies and procedures? And the last thing is to acknowledge that the IT, your IT team is not trying to intentionally make your environment less secure. 

They’re trying to provide you with fast service. So it’s your responsibility to demand and accept that things may not be as quickly resolved because they are protecting you and your data, by following best practices in cybersecurity. 

We at CMIT solutions hold ourselves accountable to the best practices of cybersecurity that we present to our clients. If you have any questions or would like to continue the conversation, please connect with me directly. 

My contact information is at the end of this video, and there are plenty of cybersecurity tips and tricks on my website and other places, again, it’s Steve Conyers with CMIT solutions, hoping you’re having a safe and secure day.


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