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Work From Wherever #WFW

So have you heard work from wherever or hashtag WFW? Hi, I’m Steve Conyers with CMIT solutions. 

And I’d like to clarify what that means and how it could be productive for you and your company. So work from wherever is basically be as productive as you can be no matter where you’re working currently.

Most people when they’re working from home, actually have like a problem in some respects from being totally productive. 

They either have a super-duper monitor set up at work or something like that. And they don’t have it at home, or they have a, you know, a super-duper computer at work and not at home or vice versa. So there is a difference, they’re able to do some work, but not be totally effective. 

So work from wherever is basically a mix of technologies and policies and procedures that you have that will allow you to work as productively, no matter where you are.

We see this a lot right now in traveling salespeople who are set up to work very productively, wherever they are. 

And now this is being extended out into the general workforce. So that’s the difference between working from wherever and, you know, like working from home.

And we’re going to see a lot of that coming on. As we get back from the COVID, you know, approximately about 20% of people are going to continue to work from home on a regular basis. So what else can you do to be productive? 

The other aspect of working from wherever is to be as productive, wherever you’re working from. And there are a couple of tools in there to help you collaborate with your teams, using tools such as Slack or Microsoft teams that allow you to stay productive, no matter where you’re working. 

Stay in contact with your teammates, reach out to clients, and have all that information collected and not be searching for it depending upon, oh, I left it in the office or I, I had it at my home. 

So if you, if this interests you and you want some more information, please contact me, Steve Conyers, with CMIT Solutions. I’d be happy to help you work your way through this. 

Again, if you’ll be interested in working from wherever, give me a call. Thanks.


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