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What is MS Teams and What Does It Offer my Business?

Did you hear the wall street journal had an article about Microsoft teams becoming a huge part of Microsoft’s growth strategy in the year and a couple of years going forward? So as a small business owner or you run a small nonprofit, you might be asking yourself, well, what do I care about that? Or you might be wondering, does it have any impact on me? Maybe. What is Microsoft Teams anyway?

Hi, I’m Steve Conyers. I own CMIT solutions of Brooklyn and, myself. I’m a small business owner and I use Microsoft teams. And I’d like to talk to you a little bit about what it does and why it may or may not be useful to you. So if you’re like me, you may have some people who are always remote, not in your office. And Microsoft teams have several features. It has a chat feature where you can chat individually with different people on your team or in a group chat where you can group chat with your entire team or just subgroups that are working on specific projects.

It has a really neat feature where you can invite vendors to special chats as well. So you can discuss problems or projects that you’re working on with members of your team and members of the team at a vendor. And on top of that, you can jump straight from a text, chat into a video chat, or you can start on a video chat, and it’s just like zoom, where you have multiple people and you can be talking and working on problems that way. So it allows you to be more productive when you’re in a remote environment. It also allows you to communicate better.

And a couple of other things that you may not realize, it’ll let you retain the knowledge that’s gone on because all the chats are archived and the documents that are associated with your projects and discussions are there permanently if you choose to have them there. So it allows you to collaborate with your team, retain knowledge, be better at communicating and be very productive when you’re not all in the same location. If you’d like to know more about that, please reach out to me, Steve Conyers with CMIT solutions. And I’d be happy to talk about this and any other challenges you’re facing. Thank you.


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