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Are You Making These Cybersecurity Mistakes?

At CMIT Solutions of Cary Apex, cybersecurity is one of our specialties!
At CMIT Solutions of Cary Apex, cybersecurity is one of our specialties!

In today’s digital age, many companies rely on IT networks for managing data and storing large amounts of sensitive company information. While digital data storage and other network-driven applications have helped improve the performance of many businesses, they also run the risk of data breaches from hackers. Data breaches and other cybersecurity attacks are quickly becoming a major threat to businesses, and without the right security measures for your network, you may be at risk. To better protect your network and data ask yourself, are you making these cybersecurity mistakes?

A Simple Oversight Can Prove Costly

Hackers are constantly on the lookout to exploit any weaknesses a network might have, using data breaches and compromising records which can cost companies millions in damages. While many businesses have security measures in place to protect their networks, simple oversights are all hackers need to get in. Some of the most common mistakes that can leave you vulnerable include:

  • Weak or Lax Passwords– Complex or multiple passwords are difficult to remember, so it seems only natural to use one that’s easy to remember like your pet’s name or your favorite team. But passwords like these can be broken easily by hackers, allowing them access to sensitive company information.
  • Failing to Update Software– Since ransomware and other malicious software are constantly evolving, it’s important to keep your network protected from the latest threats. Failing to update your security software can lead to costly data breaches.
  • Failing to Educate Staff on Cyber Security Threats– A simple mistake and one wrong click is all it takes for a hacker to gain access to your network. Make sure your staff knows how to spot signs of malware and avoid accessing information from unknown sources.
  • Trying to Manage IT Yourself– While you may be tempted to oversee every aspect of your business yourself, the surest way to avoid mistakes is to hire an IT expert to make sure your network and data are protected.

CMIT Solutions: Your Cybersecurity Experts

A Simple Oversight Can Prove Costly!
A Simple Oversight Can Prove Costly!

At CMIT Solutions of Cary Apex, cybersecurity is one of our specialties. Our staff of highly skilled experts is ready to help you keep your network safe from data breaches and malware. When you partner with CMIT you’ll get multi-layered defense against the latest threats that include a perimeter of defense with firewalls, active network management, and network inspections. To help keep you one step ahead of hackers we’ll also provide proactive monitoring of all your systems with the latest software to protect you from viruses and malware.

Whether you’re a small business, nonprofit, or government agency, our team of professional IT experts is there when you need them 24/7. Our plans are custom made to fit your needs. So if you’re looking for reliable cyber security protection to keep your data safe, contact us today.


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