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Manufacturing IT Solutions: How to Streamline Operational Processes

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For companies operating in the fast-paced manufacturing industry, streamlining and automating processes across the supply chain is nothing new. Ever since the early 1900s, employers have been seeking ways to boost the flexibility and efficiency of manufacturing through process automation and techniques. Now, manufacturing companies looking to streamline their business processes without breaking the bank must find modern manufacturing IT solutions, such as comprehensive data backup and audited file sharing. In this blog, we’ll be going over how CMIT Orlando’s services can empower workforce productivity and optimize your operations to help your manufacturing business surge ahead of the competition.

Cloud Computing Has the Capacity to Close Operational Gaps

In terms of collecting real-time data from all points of the supply chain and funneling it into one easy-to-use platform and communication tool, cloud computing is the perfect manufacturing IT solution. Both the manufacturer and the supplier are provided with instantaneous insight into relevant information, their operations and their role in the supply chain. Cloud-based applications also have the advantage of performing tasks automatically, in real-time, through web browsers installed on desktop and mobile devices. That means business owners and managers alike can access the data they need whenever and wherever they need it.

Simplify Technology Integration with IT Procurement Support

Digital transformation isn’t just a matter of adding new technology into the mix. You must be mindful of selecting the right technology, acknowledging how it may impact existing workflows and documenting where any changes will occur. The right technology can make all the difference in building a dynamic and extendable infrastructure of physical, software and network components. You need to know that your infrastructure has the necessary procurement elements in place so that these changes can be made quickly and without impacting business operations. We simplify this process by procuring systems and products on your behalf, managing vendor relationships and acting as the first point of contact should any issues arise.

Safeguard Against Disruptive Cyberattacks or Human Error with Data Protection

User error is a more common cause of unplanned downtime in the manufacturing sector than almost any other sector. One reliable method of protecting your data and ensuring a full recovery from human error, malicious cyberattacks or even natural disasters is investing in one of our IT solutions for manufacturing — data protection and backup. We’ll start by examining which aspects of your business pose the greatest risk before creating a data protection and recovery plan that combines the right mix of hardware and software to adequately protect your data. Once this plan has been developed and implemented, we will also perform routine maintenance, making certain that your backups are tested, your business has what it needs to operate successfully and you are positioned for future growth. Should any problems arise, we are just a phone call away, 24/7!

CMIT Central Orlando Is Here to Help

If you don’t have everything you need to successfully support your manufacturing business while managing costs, CMIT Solutions is here to help. We’ve managed complex networks, delivered hardened systems and automated processes that thrive in a manufacturing environment. When you schedule a free assessment with us, we’ll immediately get to work coming up with custom manufacturing IT solutions that keep up with the demands of your industry and streamline essential processes. The productivity and efficiency of your business is our priority when it comes to deploying uniquely tailored IT solutions. Give us a call and discover what CMIT Orlando can do for you!


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