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Network Firewall Security: What Is It and Do I Need It?

Odds are, you’ve heard the term firewall repeatedly over the course of your life. But do you really know what network firewall security is, what a network firewall does or how it protects your network? If you aren’t as well-versed as you’d like to be, CMIT is here to help answer your burning questions about network firewall security and how it can benefit you both at home and in your business. 

What Does Network Firewall Security Do, Anyways?

A network firewall is any hardware or software that helps to filter and block unwanted traffic and keep malicious software from breaching your network. These security measures act as a gatekeeper for your network and are your first defense against unauthorized and predatory traffic, keeping your data safe and your network secure.

How Do I Pick One? 

Firewalls come in an array of security levels and packages for various levels of protection. In some industries, compliance standards and the nature of work requires far more robust security measures than others. This has led cybersecurity technology developers to create highly customizable, multi-functional options to span across any industry. Once you take the plunge and purchase network firewall security, you’ll need to take the time to refine your software to meet your needs, requirements and desires. This is where a team of IT experts can come in handy. 

I've Added Network Firewall Security...Now What?

While introducing security measures to your network is a fantastic first step towards full protection, it’s not enough to simply have it present. Just like regular visits to a healthcare provider can keep your body functioning healthily, the same is true for maintaining your firewall security. Regular updates, assessments and protocols need to be ran to stay ahead of malicious attempts that develop and evolve rapidly in this day and age. 

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the global costs in USD of cybercrime comes in at a whopping: 

  • $6 Trillion a Year 
  • $500 Billion a Month
  • $115.4 Billion a Week
  • $16.4 Billion a Day
  • $684.9 Million an Hour
  • $11.4 million a Minute
  • $190,000 a Second

Let CMIT Be Your Partner Against Crime

CMIT Orlando is comprised of best-in-class IT expertise and technology consultants passionate about finding our clients the perfect technology solutions to boost their network security and peace of mind. We take the time to create a personalized plan that’s as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Assess

We’ll assess your current cybersecurity efforts, network firewall security and risk level to devise a strategy that will encompass your needs entirely. 

  1. Remediate

We’ll address all your security issues in their entirety, resolving any outstanding issues and implementing best practices throughout your network. 

  1. Manage

We’ll stay by your side as your go-to resource and IT support team, handling managed IT  services, ongoing health audits and continual cybersecurity guidance. 

The CMIT Promise

The CMIT Promise guarantees that we will stand by your side until all problems are resolved and you are satisfied with your network security. Our Orlando based experts will defend your network, protect your data, eliminate inefficiency and serve as your premier and trusted business partner. 

To discover how CMIT can support your business’s cybersecurity and IT needs, contact us today. 



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