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Remote Workforce Management for Success 

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Remote work has permeated the professional world, and it doesn’t seem likely that it’s going away any time soon. Whether it’s for unforeseen world events, a company’s decision to save on office space costs or providing more flexible working conditions, there will always be reasons why remote work makes sense. If your entire team works remotely or a hybrid of remote and in-office work, they need the right tools to ensure their success and protect your business. 

 With remote workforce management, you can be positive that your employees have everything they need to get work done efficiently. Learn about three of the main benefits of remote workforce management and make sure your team is prepared to work from anywhere.   

The most crucial asset to your remote team’s success is related to the devices they use in their day-to-day. If your remote team uses work-issued devices, they should have a VPN (virtual private network) to encrypt their connection to your servers. This will help safeguard against cybersecurity threats from unsecured Wi-Fi networks. 

 This same rule applies to personal devices. While using their own laptop might be more convenient for your employees, it can also spell disaster for your company. If your team uses their personal computers, a smartphone or tablet to access company data, they must have a VPN installed to add a necessary line of defense. If you aren’t sure if your team has the right protection on their devices, consider establishing BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policies to protect your company data.  

Advanced network security is critical for your employees to communicate effectively and collaborate with shared data, software and applications. But if your remote team doesn’t have the right protections in place, the network they use to access your servers can open the door to hackers. 

Whether it’s an employee’s home Wi-Fi connection or a public network, without proper firewalls and two-factor authentication in place, devices accessing your servers are more likely to let in unwanted malware and other cyberthreats. With network security as part of your remote workforce management system, you have less to cause worry. 

According to Security Magazine, nearly 70 percent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face loss from ransomware attacks. With that high of a statistic, it’s even more imperative that you protect your data from vulnerabilities in remote access points to ensure your company’s security is maintained. 

Even beyond cybersecurity concerns, the threats to your data are persistent during events like: 

  • Natural Disasters 
  • User Errors 
  • Disgruntled Employees 
  • Faulty Migrations 

With the right technology partner on your side, you’ll enjoy intelligent management of data recovery, data protection and backup for your SMB. Get peace of mind that your business won’t come to a halt or experience downtime in an unexpected disaster when you have a team of experts working to protect you. 

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