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Top 10 QuickTips of 2018

With 2018 almost over and 2019 right around the corner, we thought we’d take a step back and assess the 52 weekly QuickTips published this year. What a busy 12 months it was, too — data hacks and online breaches galore, interspersed with promising cybersecurity developments, new technology releases, efficiency-enhancing productivity improvements, and good IT news alike.

Taking a look at CMIT Solutions’ top 10 QuickTips from 2018, each of those categories is covered: informative updates about alarming cybersecurity events, along with warnings about phishing and the importance of data privacy. Interspersed with that were practical Microsoft Office tips and information about back to school technology — something for everyone.

Enjoy the following recap of 2018’s best QuickTips and we’ll see you in 2019 with all the promise and potential of a New Year on the horizon.

1. Read This Now if You Were Affected by Facebook's Security Breach.

Facebook announced that a hack on its network had exposed the personal information of nearly 50 million users… (Read more)

2. 10 Web Browsing Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Day.

Keyboard shortcuts provide a major boost to productivity and efficiency. Whether you use Windows or Mac operating systems, the simplest strokes can… (Read more)

3. Cybersecurity Defenses Save Internet from Largest DDoS Attack in History.

The largest DDoS (or distributed denial of service) cyberattack in Internet history struck GitHub, a large web-based hosting service… (Read more)

4. Master Microsoft Word with These 10 Quick and Easy Shortcuts.

According to Microsoft’s most recent estimates, more than 1.2 billion people around the world use Microsoft Word. This word processing gold standard… (Read more)

5. How to Build a Culture of Cybersecurity.

After the city of Atlanta suffered a major ransomware attack earlier this year, other municipal governments have started confronting a serious question… (Read more)

6. Is It Time to Start Planning for the End of Windows 7?

Although 2020 is still more than a full year away, one anticipated date looms large on the calendar: the end of life for Windows 7… (Read more)

7. Meltdown and Spectre — Not the End of the World, But Action Is Required.

We’re only one week into 2018 and already computer researchers have identified not one but two major cybersecurity flaws… (Read more)

8. How to Prepare Your Business for an Approaching Disaster.

Hurricane Florence, a powerful Category 4 hurricane, devastated parts of North and South Carolina earlier this year… (Read more)

9. As Phishing Attempts Increase, So Must Vigilance.

In 2018, nearly everyone has either heard of “phishing” or been targeted by it. If you haven’t, here’s a definition: phishing is the act of… (Read more)

10. 5 Safe, Smart Strategies for Back-to-School Technology.

It’s an indisputable fact that kids are obsessed with technology. Look around next time you’re in a public place and you’ll see younger children… (Read more)


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