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Why Your Business Needs Managed IT in Charleston

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Why is it so Important to Have Managed IT in Charleston?

Technology is ever-changing, every week there’s a new iPhone and your existing devices and
softwares are always in need of an update. Not only are our physical technologies changing
but so is the way we service and manage those technologies. That’s where we come in with
Managed IT in Charleston. Managed IT is the constant monitoring and management of your data and
systems. In other words, we are your full-time “IT person” for a fraction of what that salary
would cost you.

You may be asking, “how is Managed IT different than what I am using now?”. Well, instead of
purchasing your technology and having to make service calls when it fails, often accompanied
by a pricy system upgrade, CMIT will make sure that you are always using up to date
hardware. Think of Managed IT as a managed service provider, essentially changing servicing
your tech into a monthly utility.

How can Managed IT help my firm or business?

By changing your IT service into an operating cost you are doing two things. Firstly, you are
minimizing the number of service calls you are going to have to make and in turn, reducing
your amount of unexpected costs. By allowing Managed IT to continually service your
technology, the likelihood of making those expensive, five o’clock on a Friday night emergency
calls to tech-support is eradicated. The second thing you would be doing is investing in the
future of your business. We want to be with you every step of the way, not just when something
goes wrong.

Ever heard of “SaaS”? It stands for “software as a service” and is becoming the common way
for business to use new software that is hosted over the internet. Businesses all over the US
are making the switch to using software, hardware, and storage over the internet, which can
leave your data vulnerable if the proper updates and protections are not being installed. As
more and more of our technologies move towards internet storage, such as the Cloud,
Managed IT becomes a crucial part of insuring your data’s protection. With Our Managed IT in Charleston, we
have the ability to combine all of your maintenance and updates into one service.

We want to make tech easier for your firm or business. It no longer has to be just an
administrative problem, but an investment into the efficiency and security of your business.

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