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Pairing Design Thinking with Managed IT in Charleston

Managed IT in Charleston

Outsourcing IT was one of the fastest growing business trends in 2017. Now that it’s been
established, we are beginning to shift our thinking yet again. Don’t worry, outsourced IT is here
to stay, but the delivery could change. Customers and service providers working together to
design their services? Now that’s something that could pay dividends with Managed IT in Charleston.

This new approach is design thinking. Although it’s been around for many years, pairing design
think concepts with Managed IT is still a relatively new concept. Design thinking, as an
independent term, was first introduced in the 1980’s in a book about architecture. However, the
core concepts were being thrown around almost ten years prior.

IDEO, a California based design firm, are the ones who developed the concept into what we
think of now and started applying it to product development. IDEO defines design thinking as
“a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate
the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business

And now this design thinking is making its way into the Managed IT world. Many large firms are
buying up design shops and pairing up with universities who have a design think curriculum in
an attempt to bring these two areas together. The core concept of design think is to take a
human-centered” approach. And what better way to give your customers exactly what they
are after than by bringing them in on the design process? By opening up the door for a
dialogue between producer and consumer you are already offering a better customer

A couple of key factors in making design thinking for Managed IT work are willingness and
flexibility. Trial and error are part of any new idea and finding the right customer or provider will
be crucial. Essentially you have to make sure that you are both willing to take on the challenge,
which brings us to the second factor, flexibility. Time is important in any business and
understanding that a design think process will not be something that can be developed overnight
will be very important.

All that being said, design thinking can bring a new layer to Managed IT in Charleston. Taking what was once a
“one solution for all” industry and bringing it into the age of a more engaged producer-
consumer relationship. Maybe design thinking is for you… or maybe it isn’t, but it is certainly
worth the conversation and might just spur the innovation you’ve been looking for.

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