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Project Management Process

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CMIT Solutions Project Management Process

At CMIT Solutions, we understand the needs of small to medium-sized businesses and know that working with an IT consultant in Charleston could be just what you need to boost efficiency and manage tech issues. Our project management process brings all of your hard work and planning together into an efficient model for success. As we like to say, “We plan our work and work our plan!”

The goal is to get the work done correctly without overwhelming employees and creating inefficiencies. An IT consultant in Charleston should make their work easier, not more difficult. Even when a project is complex, we’re able to help. We use our PMP certifications to streamline your business’s needs and implement a solution that’s going to work for you.

Each of our offices throughout North America follows the same steps that include:

  1. Meeting with each business to identify their specific needs.
  2. Crafting a plan to meet these needs and remains within the constraints of their schedule.
  3. Reviewing the plan, identifying checkpoints, and starting the work when you’re ready.
  4. Continuing to review at each checkpoint and making adjustments when needed.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a new location, giving your tech a refresh, or adding the cloud to your existing on-premises computing, an IT consultant in Charleston can help. We can perform any type of project and we already have a plan to manage the work. This means you’ll get what you need on time and within budget.

The job isn't finished unless the paperwork is complete.

There are no one-size-fits-all IT processes and trying to fit your company into something that doesn’t work for you is going to backfire. Our goal as an IT consultant in Charleston is to make sure we’re providing customized solutions for each client. Our experience and access to resources mean we have the knowledge to create the best possible plan and tailor it to your needs. We don’t consider a job finished until the paperwork is complete and you’re completely satisfied with the outcome. For more information or to learn what an IT consultant in Charleston can do for your business, contact CMIT Solutions.

We’ve managed some tough projects. Even come in behind another service provider that left before the job was finished. That’s why managing to the plan is paramount. Go ahead. Ask us what “done” really means.

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