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Businesses today need reliable IT support. Small business IT in Charleston is an essential component of success. Unfortunately, finding the right support that fits a small business budget is challenging. Small businesses often feel like Goldilocks looking for the right support – everything is either too big or too small, instead of “just right.”

CMIT Solutions offers everything a small business needs in IT support for an affordable price.

We specialize in offering enterprise-level support at a cost you can afford. We’ve found a way to combine the best from both worlds. Each of our offices is independently and locally owned and operated, but all of them have the support of our nationwide network. You’ll get neighborhood support with access to more than 700 technicians spanning North America. Many of our owners come from Fortune 500 backgrounds, so they understand what you need and how to deliver it to you. There is nobody better equipped in North America to handle your small business IT in Charleston.

24/7/365 Service

Small Business IT in Charleston

Proactive instead of reactive.

We take a proactive approach to managing your IT needs. You won’t find us waiting around for problems to arise. We anticipate your risks and come up with solutions before you need them. This way a plan is in place to deal with issues as quickly as possible. Our goal is to prevent issues from happening, but if and when they do, we’re ready.

You get 24/7 small business IT in Charleston. We keep a constant watch on your desktops, laptops, networks, mobile devices, servers, printers, and more. We help you eliminate downtime and keep everything as secure as possible.

Security that runs deep.

Your business faces numerous threats in the online world. From viruses to data breaches to cyberattacks that are always evolving, you need security that stays one step ahead of criminals. A basic firewall is not enough to protect your business. Our elite-level support includes anti-malware and anti-software, as well as IP traffic analysis, web filtering, and more. We create an umbrella of security over your system and ensure that you are as safe as possible. This is protection you might not see, but you’ll know it’s there.

Comprehensive small business IT in Charleston.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a two-person micro-company or a rapidly expanding business with several dozen employees, we’re here to help.

CMIT Solutions provides small business IT in Charleston that is backed by years of experience. Over the years, we’ve dealt with every IT problem there is and we’re able to use this experience to help you. We can do more than any other IT company in the country and we’re here to do it for your small business.

Nationwide Scale

Small Business IT in Charleston

A deep IT infrastructure.

Our network includes more than 170 business owners and 700 technicians in locations throughout North America. The CMIT Solutions system offers a level of support that equals what the biggest and best corporations throughout the world use. We have the ability to support these larger companies, but we’re focused on helping you – the small to medium-sized business owner. It doesn’t matter if you run multiple locations or you have just a few employees working in a single office, we offer the small business IT in Charleston you need, no matter what.

Strategic industry partnerships.

Our collective power makes us stronger. We have the leverage to maintain relationships with major tech companies, including Dell, Microsoft, Baracuda, and Intuit. This means you’ll benefit from purchasing discounts, enhanced support, and enterprise-quality service. But you’ll be working with a local business right in your neighborhood. Your business benefits from our size and our personalized approach. It’s small business IT in Charleston with the power and leverage larger companies enjoy.

Nonstop communication.

The key to success in the business world is a truly collaborative culture. The best IT teams stay current with industry trends, product development, and primary research. 

For the 20-plus years we’ve been operating, CMIT Solutions has found the best way to accomplish goals is to maintain open communication. We have offices and clients throughout North America. Each of our clients operates a unique business and we’re there to support them. We offer small business IT in Charleston and throughout the country to anyone looking for support.

Unmatched Quality

Small Business IT in Charleston

Real solutions for real-world problems.

There are IT companies out there that base their services and product suggestions on the whims of vendors and revenue-generating propositions. We never do this. At CMIT Solutions, you get the customized services and products you need and that help you with the challenges you face. Our goal is to help you with what you need now, not offer blanket solutions for problems you might not ever face.

A steady focus on the human element.

We know that computers, networks, and devices are the backbone of your company. But we also know that it’s your employees using those devices every day who have the greatest effect on your security. We help you create acceptable use policies, organize comprehensive training, and other support that ensures your employees work stronger than ever. Small business IT in Charleston and its human element needs to be strong to ensure your success.

Compliance that counts.

We know how important compliance is for many of our clients. Whether your business is in health care, legal, finance, or any other regulated industry, we’re here to help you meet your obligations. We’ll assist you with secure data storage, transmission, encryption, backup, eradication, disaster recovery, and more. We know that the best small business IT in Charleston needs to go the extra mile when it comes to compliance. We’ll make sure your company is up-to-date with government and industry requirements.

Foresight & Commitment

Managed IT in Charleston Graphic

Dedication to businesses of all sizes.

We know IT support firms have failed you in the past. Many treat their larger, more lucrative clients better than the smaller firms. That’s not us.

At CMIT Solutions, we have the same respect for your business as we do for any other, no matter how big or small. Our owners came from corporate backgrounds of all sizes and they understand the challenges businesses of all sizes face. We know that one-size-fits-all IT doesn’t work. We’ve always embraced the opportunity to help smaller businesses overcome IT challenges. It’s what helps our company thrive. We also understand that our success depends on your success and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals. It’s our mission to help you with small business IT in Charleston.

Industry insight and innovation.

Technology is constantly changing. This means to be a successful IT company, we need to have a clear vision for the future. We conduct both primary and secondary research, test and validate new solutions, and do what we can to stay a step ahead of security challenges. 

No matter what you need – cloud storage, industry-based compliance regulation guidance, file sync, and share, or mobile device security – we’re here to help. We offer small business IT in Charleston and throughout North America to businesses of all sizes.

The CMIT Promise

Managed IT in Charleston Graphic

The Human Intelligence Behind the Technology.

We like to think of our team as the human intelligence behind information technology. We go above and beyond what you get with a per-hour IT support contractor and do more than just fix things when they break. And we’re more than just an anonymous voice on the other end of the phone that’s only there when there’s an emergency. We know small business IT in Charleston is about more than just helping you through a crisis. We want you to consider us:

  • Your trusted partner who takes a proactive approach to your IT
  • A fellow small business owner who understands what you face day-to-day
  • A built-in IT support team that’s there when you need us

If something goes wrong, we’ll be at your side to fix it and we’ll remain there until the issue is completely resolved. That’s our CMIT Promise and you won’t find it anywhere else. We’re here to help you with small business IT in Charleston and beyond.

“It’s hard to find words to express our gratitude for the work they have done and continue to do.”

Barbara Crowley, Director of Operations | REI Engineers

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