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IT Support in Camden, New Jersey

Being that Camden, NJ is close to Philadelphia, it is no wonder that there are a great number of businesses operating in NJ but serving the tri-state area. This creates a dynamic and highly competitive region where every industry has a chance to shine. Yet, if your technology isn’t up to spec, your business isn’t going to gain as much attention as you like. Slowed computers, lost data, and lack of cybersecurity are all issues that you can control with a proper IT support company.

Don’t let IT issues keep your business from success. With our affordable and comprehensive managed IT solutions in Camden, NJ, you can increase productivity and security throughout your business. If that sounds like a service your want and need, look no farther than CMIT Solutions.


The Services CMIT Solutions Provides to Camden, NJ

CMIT Solutions as a remarkable array of services that have been designed with business owners in mind, whether your business is big or small. Here are some of the managed IT solutions we offer:

Proactive IT Support Company in Camden, NJ

You have a business to run. Don’t waste valuable opportunities dealing with technical issues. Leave that to us. CMIT Solutions is a proactive IT support company in Camden, NJ that works around the clock to secure your computer and data without causing a financial burden. That’s right—you pay a monthly flat-rate that is unaffected by any future issues. The cost of our support will never change, and neither will the quality of our service.

Cloud Hosting

Productivity can be rapidly increased once everyone is working in sync. Cloud hosting is an amazingly functional tool that allows everyone to communicate and connect, regardless of where they are. Get everyone in the know by incorporating a shared, secure cloud server. It’s that easy.

Outsourced IT Support

In-house managed IT is nice when you are a mega corporation, but for smaller businesses, outsourcing your IT support is both a way to save time and money without sacrificing the productivity of your workers. Our IT support in Camden is available 24/7, providing constant monitoring of your computer systems and ongoing security from cyber attacks.

Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery

It doesn’t matter if you are a small company that barely uses the computer or a large scale corporation with loads of data—technology will have a hiccup or two eventually. When this happens, you don’t want to lose valuable information. Our unique service called CMIT Guardian protects you from unpredictable technological disasters by automatically backing up and storing data in a secured, off-site server.

Remote Help Desk Software

When you or an employee has a problem with their computer, you might not know the immediate answer to fix it. Don’t panic—you have remote IT support in Camden, NJ. Our support team can be reached both by phone or email. Also, if you need immediate aid, you get access to a knowledge base and ticketing system, so you get the help you need swiftly.

Anti-Spam & Email Archiving Solutions

Spam is annoying, everyone will agree on that. But did you know it’s also rife with phishing scams, viruses, and more? Not only is spam a danger to your business, it can potentially disrupt your productivity for the long term if you don’t filter it out. CMIT Solutions offers both highly effective anti-spam solutions and email archiving. Don’t just filter out the junk, organize your inbox so you never lose another important email again.

IT Support near Camden, NJ by CMIT Solutions

Security and functionality are two things that are essential to running a business in places like Camden, NJ. Automatically backed up data, disaster recovery, email archives, and cloud hosting will accelerate your business’ growth as well as productivity. If you are ready to see what managed IT in Camden, NJ can do for you, then contact us today to learn more.

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