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3 Things to Consider as You Return to Work after COVID-19

Managed Services in ChicagoThere is a lot to think about as your team returns to the office after the COVID-19 pandemic wanes.

In addition to deciding when to come back, you also need to look at whether or not your team understands the guidelines and expectations you have for them in this new environment. Managed services in Chicago help you get everything organized and ensures your employees are ready to transition back to their traditional work environment. What are some of the best practices to consider and how can you make things go as smoothly as possible?

1. Creating a Safe Workplace

Making the workplace safe is your top priority. Nobody should return to their traditional work environment until it can be done as safely as possible. 

For many offices, this means a gradual or phased approach. For others, it means balancing remote work with in-office work. And in still other cases, it means a complete revamp of the traditional workplace that accommodates everyone being there in person. It’s up to you to decide what safety looks like for your business. Managed services in Chicago can help.

2. Addressing Changes Regarding Physical Distancing

Things aren’t going to be “normal” once you return to the office, no matter how hard you try to make re-entry go smoothly. Meetings in confined spaces, sharing common areas, and other practices from the past are no longer safe options. 

It’s important to explain to employees what’s expected of them and what they should avoid doing once they are back in the office. A few guidelines you might want to consider setting in advance include:

  • Determining meeting room capacity that is much lower than it was in the past
  • Establishing post-meeting cleaning practices
  • Monitoring break rooms and other common areas
  • Addressing socializing in the workplace
  • Creating policies for communicating with co-workers

Managed services in Chicago will help you plan and implement new policies to keep the workplace safe.

3. Discouraging Rewards for Being Present

In the past, coming to work even when you were sick was often seen as a good thing. This is no longer the case. You need to make sure your team understands that calling in sick is in no way detrimental to how they are seen as an employee. If anything, calling in is the responsible thing to do because it is protecting their co-workers. 

Making it easy for employees to work from home when they aren’t feeling well is essential. Managed services in Chicago will help you continue to maintain a structure that supports remote work.

The goal is to discourage “presenteeism” and the attitude that there is such a thing as “feeling well enough to work.” Be clear about your expectations regarding sick days and establish a clear and compassionate policy about illness-related absenteeism. 

Be flexible, offer flexible work hours during the transition back to a shared space, and make sure people know that it is okay for them to stay home even if they are “only” feeling under the weather. Managed services in Chicago will help you make the process easier for everyone.

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