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3 Tips for Business IT Scalability & Reliability

IT company in ChicagoMore technology is only useful if it scales.

As businesses rapidly add technology and find more needs for an IT company in Chicago, scalability is key. Business owners and IT teams need to ensure their systems are ready for growth and change, no matter what may happen. In the digital age, reliable technology is flexible technology. If you’re unsure how to make scalable tech decisions, here are three tips.

1. Choose scalable systems

When starting a new business, or just looking for new tech options, it can be easy to make decisions based on what you need right now. But before you make any purchases, it’s important to work with an IT company in Chicago and take a step back. Will this technology help you reach your goals months or years from now? Quick-fix solutions will only cause more issues down the line.

Instead of switching up your technology every year, make an investment in something scalable from the beginning. Make sure you can add more users, more offices, and more features over time as your business grows. Scalable systems should be user-friendly, easy to update and have robust customer service.

If possible, choose software that integrates with your existing system and components. This will keep you from having to patch things together and potentially run into problems if your attempted solution falls apart. It may be challenging to get a good sense of how these components all act together, but that’s why working with an outside IT company for your Chicago business can be so helpful.

2. Document Processes and Make the Information Easily Available

Remember that your tech will likely be used by many employees, not just your IT staff. Plus, people will come and go over time. This is why it is key to document the processes and systems you have so they can be easily replicated.

Take time to conduct an audit with an IT company in Chicago of all the technology components you currently rely on. Create a guide that explains how each of them works, who manages it, and service information.

When you onboard a new employee they should be able to easily follow along with your tech system. A handy guide that explains how to set up their email, who to consult for IT support, which software systems they’ll be using and more will ensure your tech runs smoothly, no matter who is using it.

Plus, this thorough documentation will come in handy should you ever have a cyberattack, need to replace a technology component, or change any processes. Understanding how everything fits together will make it easier to change later on if necessary.

3. Unify Your Data and Experience

While your tech must be well organized for your employees, it’s even more important that it works smoothly for your customers. If you make it difficult for a customer to find what they’re looking for on your website, they may move on to your competitors. Everything from your service team to your website experience must have an organized system in place.

A big part of this process includes unifying all your data sources and technologies so everything is in one place. When employees can access everything they need, quickly and easily, while serving a customer, the experience is smoother for everyone involved.

Enabling software to help track these interactions will make scaling your business much easier. You can select one yourself, or consult with an IT company in Chicago. They can recommend a system that will help you serve 100 customers today and 1000 customers tomorrow if necessary.

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