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3 Ways to Make Working Remotely Easier on Your Staff

IT Services in ChicagoIt’s no secret 2020 has been a tough year for a lot of reasons. So many people having to work remotely is on that list. Many businesses had to transition to remote work in a hurry and they are just now getting used to this new way of doing things. Many have even decided to stick with employees working remotely. From managing IT services in Chicago to keeping things organized to keeping everyone connected as a team, there are plenty of things employers can do to make the remote work experience go as smoothly as possible. 

Here are a few ideas:

1. Familiarizing Yourself with Colleague’s Workspaces 

Before COVID-19, we probably knew our co-workers’ workspaces pretty well. Whether it was dropping by with a question or looking for a file in your boss’s office, we shared workspaces even when certain areas offered limited access.

Now, with everyone working from home, it’s hard to connect without being in a shared space. Virtually touring your co-worker’s space can help. Many teams are adopting a practice similar to the MTV show “Cribs,” in which team members show off a bit of their home life and learn fun facts about other members of their team. 

For example, maybe the guy who used to work two cubicles down from you built his own custom desk or maybe the person you shared a trip to the coffee maker with grinds her own beans at home and makes a gourmet cup of Joe every morning. Getting this more personal look into your colleague’s lives is a great way to connect during this socially distanced time. Working with IT services in Chicago can help you make this activity safe and secure for everyone involved.

2. Communication Styles

It’s also important for co-workers and managers to consider their communication styles when working remotely. When you aren’t able to drop by someone’s office or desk at a moment’s notice, important issues can fall through the cracks. IT services in Chicago offer a variety of options for dealing with communication and making the right choices for your team during this time. 

Are you a manager looking for ways to communicate with your team about projects? It’s probably best to avoid mass emails and opt for individualized messages instead. It takes longer, but it tends to be much more effective for ensuring everyone stays on top of things. If your team is just too large to address everyone individually, team project software is an efficient tool for managing the details of projects. IT services in Chicago can help you choose a system that works for your team and get it set up securely.

3. Fun and Games

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the stress and connect with your team, there are plenty of great options, all of which can be done virtually. Consider any of the following activities done remotely to help your colleagues blow off steam and team build just as well as you can in person:

IT services in Chicago can help you organized and get these fun ideas up and running, making temporary work from home a little easier on everyone. If you need help with your remote IT services in Chicago fill out a short form and tell us more about your current set up. We’ll get back to you ASAP with how we can help your team succeed while apart.

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