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4 Things You Need to Know about IT Infrastructure

Managed Services in ChicagoSmall businesses are different in many ways from their larger counterparts, but there are also many things that are the same. In many cases, they have similar needs but with much smaller budgets. Managed services in Chicago can help you meet your big IT infrastructure needs with your small business budget.

Here are four things you should know:

1. Hardware

The best place to start is with the essentials. Prioritizing your hardware, software, and cybersecurity needs to help you build a solid foundation for your small business. 

Small businesses don’t have the same hardware infrastructure needs as larger organizations. However, a decent hardware setup is essential and requires you to do more than just pick between Windows or Apple. You also need a decent server if you have more than three work stations or if you ever plan to scale up and have more than three.

2. Software

Software needs are also important. Software issues can range from setting up and running your network to your productivity tools to software to help you streamline all of your processes. When choosing between Google Workspace and Microsoft Office, consider editing needs, how you share documents, and how easy you want it to be for team members to coordinate and communicate, especially if there’s an internet shutdown. This is also the time to make decisions about your POS technology.

Outsourcing your software needs to managed services in Chicago helps you customize software to your business needs, download and install users, and use mobile device management for dealing with security issues. 

3. Communication 

Communication, especially in this day and age, occurs primarily through electronic means. This means email is one of the key tools your business has to keep things running smoothly. Managed services in Chicago can help you choose the right email system that lets your team communicate effectively and manage the messages you need to send and receive. 

Keep in mind, setting up an email system in-house is only practical when you have your own server, which isn’t always the case with small companies. Using a separate email service provider means you’ll have greater flexibility and will reduce your management overheads.

4. Security

Using managed services in Chicago is also about cybersecurity. Spending less time worrying about problems frees you up to deal with other issues that arise and to focus on making your business more successful. 

Some of the security issues managed services can help you with include:

  • Setting up password best practices
  • Limiting access to your system
  • Onboarding and off-boarding users
  • Sharing data
  • Securing your devices and network and IT equipment
  • Disaster recovery
  • Employee security training

As a small business owner, dealing with managed services in Chicago can help you reduce the frustration of operating your business and managing your IT operations. Even if you are confident in what you’ve been doing, you’re limiting your business by not outsourcing at least some of your needs  If you’re looking for a better way to do things and improve on your current system, managed services are the way to go for most small businesses. 

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