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4 Ways COVID-19 Could Change How We Work Forever

IT Services in ChicagoIt’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has changed just about everything we do on a daily basis.

The work environment is one of the places the COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect. If you are unsure what the future holds or what’s in store, IT services Chicago can help you prepare for the months and years ahead post-pandemic.

Drastic changes have already occurred and more are ahead. A recession is predicted for at least several months and after that ends, it’s anybody’s guess as to what degree we’ll return to the world we knew before the pandemic. In most cases, our workdays will be dramatically different as more and more people move to working from home. 

What are four of the most impactful changes COVID-19 has brought to our work lives and how can IT services Chicago help you prepare for what’s ahead?

1. Automation is Moving Ahead Faster than Ever

Social distancing has made it impossible for people to be in the workplace as they were before. One of the ways companies are dealing with this reality is speeding up their efforts to automate a great deal of the workload. Fewer people interacting means less risk of spreading the virus. 

Plans to automate repetitive tasks that might have been a few years down the road are happening now. This automation ranges from delivery to administrative tasks to manufacturing. If your company could benefit from a move toward automation, IT services Chicago can how you how.

2. Bandwidth is a Treasured Resource More Appreciated Now than Ever Before

With so many people working from home, bandwidth has become a precious commodity. How people have used and enjoyed the internet will need to change, at least for some time. Some are calling for emergency legislation to limit video content streaming and prioritize traffic during peak work hours. This ensures those needing video conferencing services will have the resources needed to conduct work. 

Essentially, this is the opposite of net neutrality and could be enacted as an emergency action to deal with the challenges we face today. IT services Chicago can help you figure out what this means for your business.

3. Mobile Computing Could Take a Step Back

More people working from home and social distancing means there is less of a need for mobile devices that are convenient on-the-go. More people will revert to desk work and upgrade to more “old-fashioned” systems. This isn’t going to eliminate mobile computing, but it will see the rush forward come to a bit of a standstill for the time being.

4. Email and IM Will Replace What Was Traditionally Done through Meetings

Most people expect that fewer meetings will be on the calendar in our post-pandemic world. Those who were previously unable to function with up-to-date tech have been forced to adapt, which means there’s less of a need for face-to-face meetings now. Anyone hanging on to the traditional way of doing things has been forcibly launched into the future and there’s no going back now.

If you are looking for an IT partner to help move your team into the future, fill out a short form on our website. Our IT services Chicago can help you and your team adjust to this new tech-driven way of doing things.

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