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Unmanaged Devices Driving Mobile App Management

Chicago Mobile Device ManagementIn today’s interconnected world, businesses are becoming aware of the need for Chicago mobile device management services. Employees are on your network and oftentimes using their personal devices that are unmanaged by your organization. This can put your network at risk. Your employees are using apps and accessing things via your network that are unregulated by you and as a result the demand for mobile device management and mobile app management is steadily increasing.

According to a report by Gartner, 60% of mobile apps being used in the workplace will depend on a minimum of one app-level management control, whether on managed or unmanaged devices by 2021. By subscribing to Chicago’s mobile device management services, your business can more adequately protect itself from these unmanaged devices and apps. There are two options when it comes to protecting your environment from unmanaged devices: mobile app management and mobile device management.

Mobile device management can lock down unregulated devices when they connect to your network, which provides the utmost security for your business. Every device at your business is just one click away from infecting your network or ruining your data. As such, you should treat these devices with as much care as you would a laptop or desktop when it comes to cybersecurity. Partnering with a company in Chicago for mobile device management ensures that your business and information is as protected as possible no matter what device walks through your doors.

Another option that permits a bit more freedom for devices in mobile app management. This service locks down only the applications that people run and the data associated with them. This type of service allows a business to control features or access to business applications and associated data, whether on a corporate-issued or employee-owned smartphone or tablet. Mobile app management can be part of a larger enterprise mobility management suite, or it can stand alone.

No matter what type of security product you go with – whether you’re focused on Chicago’s mobile device management or are looking for an entire enterprise option – partnering with trusted professionals is crucial. CMIT Solutions provides a suite of services to keep your business protected and your data secured. Contact us today to find out what we can provide your business. We work with you to determine what your specific business needs and will support you no matter where the journey takes you.

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