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Why Cyber Security is Finally a Focus, and What it Means for Your Chicago Business

Historically, CEOs haven’t been focused on something essential to the operation of any business. Cyber security in Chicago, and beyond, might be the most crucial element to keeping businesses running. With the recent increase, and public exposure, of significant data breaches throughout a variety of industries, a new found focus on cyber security has reached the very top of organizations. Leaders have always known that technology can hold the key to success, but just recently they’re realizing that if not properly secured it can destroy a business as well.

Advances in technology have made daily life easier and have people even more dependent on a variety of devices and services. This also means that everyone is more susceptible to security threats. From major businesses with proprietary information focusing on cyber security in Chicago to keeping consumers’ financial information out of the hands of criminals, nearly every entity has a responsibility and need to protect their data. In today’s culture of sharing when it comes to data, cyber security is even more important.

Currently it’s estimated that only about 20 percent of the world’s data is public – which means that most of it is still secured on private servers owned by businesses. Making this private data public, and combining it with advanced technology, can change lives and the operational processes of businesses around the world for the better. However, with this freedom comes danger. With even more information in the public sphere, cyber security in Chicago and beyond becomes even more crucial. CEOs are awakened to the idea that this vast wealth of data can unlock business potential but that the key is in securing it from outside threats.

The largest targets for cyber attacks are large companies that hackers know can pay ransoms to regain control of their systems. The annual number of cyber attacks has increased nearly 30% and is only estimated to continue to rise. Everyone, individuals and corporations alike, live on the internet now where real damage can be done by those with the knowledge and nefarious tendencies. As technology progresses, the danger of cyber attacks and importance of cybersecurity will as well – creating demand in the industry. Savvy entrepreneurs are investing in cyber security services because organizations can no longer put data safety second.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner for cyber security in Chicago, or anywhere else in the United States, contact CMIT Solutions. We care about your business just as much as you do and know how to keep your systems safe from dangerous attacks.

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