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Five Reasons Small Businesses Should Consider Managed Firewall Services

IT Consultant in ChicagoAccording to security experts, nearly 80% of companies need more protection against cyber-attacks. An IT Consultant in Chicago can help keep your small business safe. 

A firewall might be a challenging tool to implement, but doing so has a significant impact on your business. Working with an IT consultant in Chicago helps you establish the best level of access and protection for your company.

First, it’s important to understand what a firewall is. For many people, it’s a term they’ve heard, but few understand exactly how it works.

Firewalls are security technology tools that control network traffic. They do this by putting rules regarding communication in place that address several things, including:

  • Direction
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Application
  • Protocol
  • Time and date
  • Size
  • Behavior

Modern firewalls dig deep into communication streams and search for malicious code. Others forward traffic with files to a “sandbox” so they can be looked at with greater scrutiny. This allows problems to be spotted before they wreak havoc without slowing the process and affecting internet speeds and the transmission of other files. 

If your business is considering setting up a firewall, what’s the best way to do it for your business? 

Firewalls can be customized to suit your business’s needs. An IT consultant in Chicago can help with this process and ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Unfortunately, many smaller and medium-sized businesses don’t have the firewall protection they need. They are vulnerable to external threats and at most, they’ve only implemented minimal protections that are free or cheap. These solutions provide the least amount of protection and aren’t going to do much good in the modern world of sophisticated threats.

The good news is, even small businesses can afford to work with an IT consultant in Chicago to create suitable firewall protection. What are five important reasons small businesses should consider managed firewall services?

1. You have more important things on which to focus. 

Setting up a firewall and running any type of security for your business is a priority, but it’s not your main priority. Unfortunately, putting these things on the backburner leaves you vulnerable. A third-party support team can implement security measures your company needs while you focus on your primary duties.

2. An IT consultant in Chicago offers an affordable solution for dealing with a firewall. 

Having an in-house team or hiring a consultant on an as-needed basis can cost hundreds of dollars an hour. Creating a relationship with a managed services provider means you’ll have the support you need when you need it for an affordable price.

3. You’ll be prepared for failure if and when it occurs. 

Despite having a solid security plan in place, you still need a recovery plan for the unlikely event there’s a failure. There are no guarantees. Even the best security isn’t un-breachable, which means you need a plan b that can be implemented if and when it occurs.

4. An IT consultant can address the threats that come from within your business. 

Even the most trustworthy staff makes mistakes. Training your employees to understand how to work within the firewall and how to understand the threats that exist can save your business a lot of time, money, and frustration.

5. You’ll have someone on your team that focuses full-time on the ever-evolving security threats. 

Malicious actors work to stay one step ahead of you. An IT consultant in Chicago ensures you have someone also working full-time to prevent problems.

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