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Top 5 Trends For IT Support In 2019


IT Support in Chicago

Technology Is Always Changing. These Are 5 Tech Trends We’ve Noticed For IT Support In Chicago So Far In 2019.

If you’re a business owner with an interest in IT support in Chicago, you’ve probably given some thought to the top trends for the year. Part of staying on top in your industry and having an edge on your competition is knowing what’s hot and what to expect. And because IT is an ever-changing field, it’s even more important to keep up with the trends. So what’s new and what’s to come in 2019? Here are the top five trends expected to be hot this year:

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been hot for some time now and its influence is expected to continue its growth in 2019. Data shows nearly three-quarters of all enterprises have at least one application or part of their infrastructure in the cloud. Nearly 20 percent of business intend to do so in the upcoming year. What does this mean for your business? If you aren’t already using cloud computing, 2019 is the year to start. Not taking the leap could mean falling behind your competition and missing out on serious opportunities to increase security and efficiency.

2. AI and ML

AI and ML, short for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, aren’t new, but they are just now becoming mainstream. Today, there are very few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from implementing some kind of AI-based tool or an ML algorithm. Both could help your business save time and money, improve efficiency, create a more personalized experience for clients, and help you improve security.AI and ML are also expected to grow exponentially in certain industries, including food, manufacturing and engineering, transportation, and healthcare. If you happen to own a business in any of these sectors, this is the year to investigate how AI and ML could help you. IT support in Chicago can help you implement AI and ML in the best way possible.

3. 5G

One of the main trends of the upcoming year is the launch of 5G. 5G-ready smartphones will be released this year and internet service will be faster than ever. Even if there is no decision to upgrade to a 5G device, it’s still expected to affect various aspects of our lives from drone delivery to self-driving cars to virtual reality. IT support in Chicago can help your business adjust to this new, faster way of operating.

4. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the wave of the future – and the future is right now. Computers will begin utilizing quantum mechanics and the days of binary code will be behind us. Though complicated, quantum computing can be boiled down to a relatively simple concept: computers are able to provide solutions without checking all possible variants first. The landscape of computing is changing and your business needs to stay on top of the trend. IT support in Chicago can help.

5. Internet of Things

There are more things built with WiFi connectivity ability now than ever before. Every day we interact with multiple devices that are able to connect to the internet and to each other – everything from the appliances in your home to your vehicle to your television. Understanding how this affects your industry and your target audience is essential to your business success. IT support in Chicago can help your business adjust and make the most of the opportunities available today.

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