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About Managed IT Services in Chicago

Every business needs an IT department, right? The short answer is yes, but does it need to be in-house? Outsourcing your needs through managed IT services in Chicago could be the solution to your ever-evolving IT dilemma. Most businesses know that they must have some sort of IT support, which usually comes in the form of a one-employee department with the weight of the world on their shoulders. As a result, businesses are continually stuck in the break-fix model instead of being able to be proactive when it comes to their IT.

If technology fails us in today’s business world, it spells disaster. Taking a proactive step in ensuring that your IT is managed properly can be the difference between success and failure in business. That’s why enlisting a professional firm to provide managed IT services in Chicago is a smart move not only to save your one valiant IT employee a lot of stress, but also to keep your business operating normally all the time.

Managed IT tends to be a lot more affordable than people think and saves you the risk of potential lost revenue during a down period. The break-fix model of IT is built on a reactive approach to technology – there’s a problem, we have to fix it immediately. Issues that arise aren’t anticipated beforehand and thereby evaded. Instead something breaks and needs to be fixed as soon as possible instead of it never breaking at all.

The cost of the break-fix model heavily outweighs the recurring cost of managed IT services in Chicago. With break-fix, you’re not only probably spending more money than you need to actually fix the problem, but you’re losing revenue through employee downtime, and possibly paying the employees who’re addressing the problem overtime to resolve it. In addition, if you don’t have a designated internal IT department, or point person, you’re likely relying on a range of other employees to pick up the responsibilities of keeping your operation running. This can put undue stress on them and impact other parts of the job.

Using managed IT services in Chicago alleviates the stress of having handle all your technology troubles in house. When you find a qualified and dedicated IT services provider, you have a partner. They serve as your IT department and are proactive instead of consistently reactive when it comes to technology. They can act as your internal helpdesk for employees’ IT queries and they’ll make sure your software and systems are up to date when it comes to security, thereby keeping issues and downtime to a minimum.

Managed IT services in Chicago could be the missing link to your otherwise successful business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be your technology partner.

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