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Which is Better: Break-Fix or Managed Services?

Man Working on Computer NetworkLooking For The Right Kind Of IT Services In Irvine? Find Out What Level Of IT Support Is Best For Your Business.

If you’re looking for IT services in Irvine, you might hear some terms being thrown around like break-fix and managed services. But how do you know which type of IT support is right for your business? Today’s technology world is much different from what it was even 10 years ago. Previously IT support services almost exclusively consisted of the break-fix model. Just as the name implies, IT support teams only came in to help when something was broken and needed to be fixed. There was rarely any proactive approach to maintaining software and hardware to avoid failures. Managed services is the new IT support model where your dedicated team is proactive instead of reactive. Companies that provide managed services focus on avoiding a failure instead of fixing it, however they can also fix something if it does go wrong.

Managed IT Services

In terms of today’s technology world, managed services is a far superior method for IT services in Irvine. There are a slew of benefits to using a managed services model for your IT support including:

  • Stability in your network and operations.
  • A fixed monthly fee that doesn’t swing drastically because something goes wrong.
  • Your provider for IT services in Irvine as incentivized to work harder to keep your network stable.
  • Your hours are typically unlimited when you sign up for a managed services plan, so if you need something you won’t be charged an additional fee for a service call.
  • Someone else who’s knowledgeable is responsible for your network’s maintenance, which means it’ll be done on schedule.
  • A managed services provider is frequently alerted before something becomes a disastrous problem for your network.
  • If a problem occurs, your team is immediately notified, and it begins being handled without you needing to call anyone which reduces downtime and profit loss.
  • Typically, any issue can be resolved virtually so there’s no need for costly on-site calls.

Break-Fix Model

When it comes to break-fix models of IT services in Irvine, you’ll experience a less efficient response and potentially more problems. Break-fix means:

  • Less network stability because your service provider makes money off of you if something goes wrong.
  • A provider that doesn’t invest in your business or being a partner.
  • “Best effort” services with slower response times.
  • When a break-fix provider works slowly they make more money because they typically charge by the hour.
  • Any huge disaster for you is a cash cow for them.

A Clear Winner

Finding a provider of IT services in Irvine that believes in a managed services approach is a better option. Break-fix is becoming more and more obsolete with today’s ever-changing technology because it just simply doesn’t protect customers as well as managed services.

If you’re looking for a partner for IT services in Irvine, let CMIT Solutions help. We’re experienced in a managed services model and are true partners in IT support.

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