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Choosing the Right IT Support Company

IT Support in Irvine and TustinChoosing An IT Provider Can Be A Daunting Task. Use These Tips To Make Sure You Find The Perfect Fit.

If you’re looking for IT support in Irvine, then you may have started researching a variety of service providers. Many business owners get overwhelmed by the search, or simply don’t have the time for proper vetting, and settle on the first company that seems like they provide adequate services. But how do you really know if the IT company you select is a good fit for your organization? Many IT support companies sell package deals that incorporate features you don’t need or will never use, yet you’re still stuck footing the bill for them. Or, you sign a contract with a company who sold itself as having years of experience in your industry but come to find out you’re the first business of your kind that they’ve worked with. Choosing the right IT support company can be tough, but here are some steps to take during your search.

Ask Around

Word of mouth may be one of the best ways to find the perfect IT support in Irvine. If a particular company has made one of your colleagues, or even clients, particularly happy that recommendation can hold a lot of weight. Ask around to friends, family, clients, partners, those you’ve networked with, literally anyone whose opinion you trust about IT support companies in the area. If you don’t have a lot of resources that you already know to solicit recommendations from, take to the internet. There are several sites that you can take advantage of to vet a certain vendor or vendors. There’s no actual directory of IT professionals that you can search reviews for, but you can use things like Yelp and AngiesList to find legit reviews of tech support companies. You could even be proactive and post an ad seeking solicitations from IT companies that you can then put through your vetting process.


Once you’ve narrowed down your options for IT support in Irvine it’s time to ask them the tough questions. So, you may or may not know what those questions are but some things you should definitely find out are:

  • What are your certifications?
  • Have you done business with people in my industry?
  • Is your team available 24/7?
  • What are your specialties?
  • What type of IT support do you offer? (Managed services, break-fix, etc.)
  • Will you right-size a plan to fit my business?

Other things to look for are things like if they’re inquisitive about your business including goals and growth plans. Any comprehensive IT support company will come to a meeting with you prepared with lots of questions and a solid understanding of your business. If they don’t, nix them from the list.

Avoid This

As with any transaction, don’t get into a contract with someone you don’t feel comfortable with. If the person speaks mostly in jargon but refuses to explain it, move on. If they’re trying to sell you the most elite stuff on the market, move on. You want a true partner, not someone just trying to make a buck.

If you’re looking for quality IT support in Irvine, contact CMIT Solutions. We’re focused on your business’s specific needs. We’ll right-size a solution to fit your needs and we’re backed by a nationwide network of trained IT support specialists.

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