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Employers' 101 on Data Protection:
A Guide on Handling
Cyber Security


Event Canceled: This webinar has been canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please take a look at our other upcoming webinars or our large archive of recordings.

Supply Chain Cyber Security Risks 📦

Did you know: smaller to medium-sized Suppliers can be a cybersecurity weak link?

PG&E: Paid a fine of $2.7M for a Supply Chain Third Party’s Data Breach in 2018. The vendor had improperly copied data from the utility’s network to the contractor’s network.

Facebook: Experienced two more cases of a Third-Party (Supply Chain) App Data Exposure in 2019. Which exposed over 540 million records in AWS.

Target: Had gross expenses of $252 million for the data breach of over 60 million records caused by a Supply Chain Third Party in 2017.

AT&T: Through a Supply Chain Third Party vendor’s site, a hacker exploited PIN numbers of AT&T users in 2018.

Join us as we discuss Supply Chain Cyber Security Risks and how not to be a Cyber Security Weak Link.