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Windows 11 Roll Out: Should You Upgrade?

Windows 11 upgrade or not upgrade

Windows 11 Roll Out: Should You Upgrade?

Microsoft released Windows 11 to the public in October, but before you rush to upgrade, there are some things you need to consider about updating your operating system. Windows 11 is Microsoft’s first big operating system since Windows 10 was released about six years ago.

Windows 11: What’s New?

  • Overhauled User Experience: Windows 11 boasts a refreshed look and user experience including major changes to the start menu and taskbar, an extensive reworking of the settings app, and the widgets pane. Many of these changes make multitasking and customizing easier.
  • Enhanced Backend Architecture: With the increase in cyber threats, Windows 11 includes hardware-assisted security and secure boot and device encryption available by default.


Important Note on Windows 11

The newly released updated operating system has an intensive list of requirements to be eligible for the upgrade to Windows 11. The upgrade requires an enhanced system found on almost all devices that were manufactured and purchased during or after 2019. You can find additional details on Microsoft’s requirements here.

Should My Company Upgrade?

The general consensus is that there is no real reason to run out to upgrade your operating systems. In fact, many of the programs, applications, and peripheral devices you use might not even work with Windows 11 at this time. We suggest waiting a minimum of six months to make the switch to Windows 11 to allow time for the bugs to be worked out and to minimize the compatibility issues. If you are considering upgrading your company’s operating system, proceed with caution and do the needed investigation about compatibility. 

If you’re currently using an older operating system, such as Windows 7,8, or 8.1, consider this as your opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10, since general and extended support for these systems expired. Upgrading to Windows 10 would ensure that your systems and data are protected.

Expert Advice on Windows 11

CMIT Solutions of Erie recommends coordinating your efforts with a qualified IT provider before diving into a Windows 11 upgrade. With most new rollouts, there will surely be bugs that need to be worked out. There is no harm in waiting, despite the marketing effort that Microsoft might bombard you with. Our IT experts are researching the pros and cons of Windows 11 for local Erie area businesses. We are here to provide expert advice to help you navigate the decision-making process, check the protections and compatibilities of Windows 11 for your company’s unique needs. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss the right solution for your business.

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