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Data Protection and Backup

Our Approach to Protecting Your Data

CMIT Solutions of Gilbert and Mesa believes that backing up your data is an essential service that protects your company.

A major cybersecurity breach that affects your data can be disastrous for your business. With a complete data backup, your company can recover from just about any kind of incident.

data streaming from laptops to servers

So much data, and so many ways to save it!

How will you choose the best data-protection options for your company? Most business owners start by researching their hardware and software options. Unfortunately, this approach makes you lose sight of what’s really important.

We clarify your choices.

At CMIT Solutions, we start by determining how a data or service loss might affect your operations and bottom line. We help you determine your data-preservation needs, and then provide the best backup and restoration services for your business.

We offer data protection and backup solutions to our managed IT customers.

Learn how we can help your company.

Your Business Needs These Services

image depicting onsite and cloud backup

On-Site and Cloud Backup

The main advantage of having your data protected in multiple locations is security and response time.

Recovering from a server or computer crash is fastest when all the data is stored locally, and doesn’t have to be downloaded from the cloud. Cloud data takes longer to download because it’s encrypted (or it should be.)

However, cloud backups are very useful for employees who work away from the main office and need remote access to back up their data. They are also essential after a physical disaster such as a fire or flood that destroys your computers and local backup devices. Finally, cloud backups are needed if the data on a local backup device gets corrupted.

For these reasons, we recommend a hybrid solution that includes both local and cloud backup.

image depicting incremental backups

Incremental Backups

The main advantage of having incremental backups are network efficiency and versatile data recovery options.

During a full data backup, your company’s computers and servers can slow to a crawl. Our customers prefer to schedule full data backups at night or over the weekend, so that their computers and networks can operate at peak efficiency during the work day.

So how can you preserve all of the data that your employees generate during business hours? The answer is incremental backups, which save only the new data and files that are generated in between full backups.

image depicting file sync and share

File Sync and Share

The main advantage of this service is the the ability to securely share data with colleagues and clients.

You are undoubtedly familiar with free, consumer-grade sync-and-share services, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. For business, you need sync-and-share products that allow you to grant or deny access through your server software. The sync-and-share products offered by CMIT Solutions meet the compliance requirements that regulators demand of secure, business-level services.

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