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Managed Cloud Services

Wondering how to make smart decisions about Cloud services and servers?

Companies considering The Cloud need a reputable, experienced IT partner to help them make decisions about which services their business should use.

At CMIT Solutions of Gilbert and Mesa, we can support compliance requirements, including HIPAA, NIST/DFARS, GDPR, FINRA, and PCI.

We take the time to understand your business model, and create a technology action plan to support it.

A brief overview of applications in the cloud, also known as
Software As A Service (SaaS)

These types of applications are all very cost-effective, and are useful in the management of a company’s core business operations.

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Common Cloud-Based Applications

Examples are Salesforce, Slack, LastPass, Zoom, Square, Shopify, Mathworks, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Cloud-based products that professional services use to manage their core business proceesses. Users include law firms, accounting firms, and managed IT providers.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Cloud-based products used by the manufacturing and retail industries to manage accounting, procurement, projected management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations.

What about Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is an SaaS program that backs up data and stores it on cloud server. The data can come from many types of devices, including a server, computer, Network Applicable Storage (NAS) device, or USB Flash Drive.

For most businesses, it isn’t advisable to have a cloud server as the sole data storage device. It also isn’t advisable to have a local storage device as the only place where data is backed up. Usually, a hybrid solution is the best choice. A hybrid solution is one in which data and is backed up on both a local device and on a cloud device.

Why is a hybrid cloud-storage solution best?

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Faster data restoration from a local device

95% of all business systems problems happen locally. Examples are viruses, ransomware, operating system failure, and software failure. Once these problems are fixed, your data can be restored faster from a local device than from a cloud device.

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Flexibility of cloud storage

If remote workers need to have their data restored, this can be accomplished via your cloud storage device. Workers can also access files on this device from any location. Finally, a cloud storage device is untouched by physical disasters that can happen to your office such as fire, flood, and power outages.

About Cloud Servers and Cost

It often appears initially that a cloud server saves money because there is no upfront cost, but in the long run, the monthly service charges never end. In contrast, once you purchase a local physical server, you own it forever.

Both cloud servers and local servers require managed services to maintain their operation, security, and compliance requirements, so neither one of these choices has an economic advantage when it comes to the amount you’ll pay your IT provider to keep them safe and running.

Implementing a cloud server correctly takes careful planning. The price for the cloud server is dependent on the performance needed, the amount of data processed, and the amount of data stored. Cloud services can get expensive if they are not tailored to fit your business model.

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