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Cyber Security Services

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No single security tool provides comprehensive network protection.

Strong security requires many products, services, and processes, all working together. There are terms for this kind of integrated protection: one is multi-layered security; another is layered defense.

Your network needs a security blanket.

CMIT Solutions determines the right tools and practices for your business, and then knits them together into a protective fabric for your systems.

What are your options?

We configure your cyber security services so that you have the right tools now, and the ability to add more resources as you grow.

Keeping your Systems Secure


We assess your company’s risk exposure, and let you know which protections are most needed in your unique situation.


Common security solutions that are layered to protect a company’s computer network include:

• Managed Firewalls
• Intrusion Prevention Systems
• Malware and Virus Detection
• Spam Filtering
• Website Filtering
• Data Encryption
• Automatic Encrypted Backup
• Password Management
• Virtual Private Networks
• Dual-Factor Authentication
• RSA Keys
• Employee Training


We monitor your systems 24/7/365, perform all updates and security patches, suggest new strategies to combat emerging threats, and assist you with audits and reports you need to fulfill compliance requirements.

Top 4 Strategies for Protecting Your Data

Professional Updates

Have an IT professional handle security patches and software updates.

Software updates can be long and complicated. This causes “do-it-yourselfers” to delay vital patches and updates, leaving systems vulnerable to ransomware and other malware.

(Note that “do-it-yourselfers” include uncertified people who have been drafted to supervise their companies’ IT in addition to their regular jobs.)

IT professionals do updates at the right time, and they do it right.

Protect All Devices

ALL of your company’s devices should be protected.

If you allow computers or devices to connect to your company’s network from remote locations, those machines require the same level of management and protection as the computers inside your office.

When it comes to devices, small doesn’t mean insignificant.

Protect Moving Data

Your data and your identity should be protected while in transit.

Hackers can steal your data while it’s moving from one place to another. We can provide your company with safe transition methods such as virtual private networks and two-factor authentication.

Protect your data from the “man in the middle.”

Complete Restoration

ALL of your data should be backed up at least daily, and you should be sure that it can be completely restored.

Comprehensive backup, and confidence in restoration, have allowed many companies to completely ignore ransomware demands. Their machines can be wiped clean, and their systems can be restored from their backups.

Many companies don’t worry about the restoration process until it’s too late, and they find, to their dismay, that they can’t restore all of their data after a catastrophic event. This is why we offer services to test your backups.

It’s a mistake to trust consumer-grade products for backup and restoration of your business data. We offer a variety of business-grade and enterprise-level solutions at affordable prices.

a woman and two men upset by something they see on a laptop computer

Train your employees to handle the sea of dangerous links that wash up on their computer screens each day.

Email messages and websites are filled with traps. Writing a clear security policy is an important step, but without employee training, it won’t help much.

We provide employee cyber security awareness training.

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