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Symptom Checker: The IT MD by CMIT

Health IT Talk by CMIT Solutions of Gilbert and Mesa

a doctor's hands with stethoscope listening to a laptop and feeling for a pulse

Symptom Checker: The IT MD by CMIT

It started with a little hiccup, perhaps and ad that said, “Have you checked for viruses lately?” Now, your PC has the digital equivalent of the whooping cough. Never fear: CMIT’s symptom checker is here!

My computer feels sluggish. A rundown, tired out CPU could be a symptom of viral infection. Your computer may be using up all of its resources to fight off invaders in your system. This can slow the programs you’re using to a crawl.

My computer has a rash. A rash of pop-up ads and warnings is a surefire sign of infection. A fake antivirus program may be running around your system trying to convince you to take their “medicine,” but their meds will only make your computer sicker.

My Internet is contagious. If you open your browser, and all types of windows random pop up, the chances are that you’re infected. A lot of malware is designed to redirect you to a spoof site, which looks legitimate, but will capture your username and password.

My computer doesn’t want to play with the Internet. A sluggish or absent Internet connection is a common symptom of a viral infection. Hidden malware may redirecting you to malicious websites, or opening multiple connections, draining your bandwidth’s vitality.

My CPU is suddenly absent-minded. Are you files disappearing? Game applications, Word documents, or family pictures wiped out? Although this symptom has become quite rare, it still shows up from time to time. Don’t forget that this is a symptom of a serious problem.

My computer is open at both ends. Gross, but apt. Your email client is spewing messages you didn’t write. Applications you never opened pour out over your screen. If this is happening, your system has a malware infection.

CODE BLUE! Applications won’t start. The CPU won’t turn on. THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! But is your system really dead? Or can an IT professional perform CPR?

Let the staff at CMIT Solutions of Gilbert and Mesa be the trusted IT MDs who deliver great HIPAA-compliant healthcare to your computers and networks. We will treat your malware infections and create a network wellness plan to keep your computers happy and healthy. Give us a call at 480.926.6445, or write to us at


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