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The 5-Part Cure for the Summer(IT)me Blues

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The 5-Part Cure for the Summer(IT)me Blues

It’s July in the Valley. The thermometer has officially reached “Face Of The Sun.” You’re trapped in your air-conditioned office. It’s just you, your staff…. and your computers.

Your computers that seemed just fine in March, when you checked them briefly between networking lunches and spring training games. You didn’t have time to stress about their spam-filled email boxes, their draggy Internet connections, and their dubious relationship with your printer.

But now it’s just you and your network, you have actual WORK to do, and all you can think about is that

• Your digital tools aren’t working
• You don’t have the time to figure out how to fix them yourself
• Your staff can’t do both IT and their REAL jobs
• The only way this could get worse is if you caught ransomware
• You have no idea how to prevent ransomware
• You wonder if there’s a better IT strategy
• You wonder if you can afford it.

Fortunately, it IS possible to hire the professional support your business deserves, at a price that will fit your budget. Lose those summertime IT blues by finding a service that offers these five features:

1. 24/7 monitoring and regular system updates to reduce downtime.
Sign up for services that are PROactive, rather than REactive. Get 24/7 monitoring to maintain a constant watch on your networks, servers, desktops, laptops… even mobile devices. And get timely security patches and bug fixes to keep your systems as reliable as possible.

2. Extensive security solutions to protect your vital data.
Your network faces many types of attacks, which can reach you through any of your devices and applications. Find a service that provides layer upon layer of security for your network, so that each segment and device are protected by as many solutions as necessary.

3. Help Desk to improve efficiency.
It’s great when an IT technician comes through your door, but it’s even better when simple problems are solved quickly via remote connection. And the best? To be able to ask questions about common business applications as well.

4. Compliance with industry and government standards.
The medical, legal, and financial industries have strict rules about the way data is encrypted, stored, transmitted, and recovered. Failure to comply leads to civil and criminal penalties. Your IT service should ensure that your company meets your industry’s requirements.

5. A technology plan based on your unique business needs.
Some IT companies offer the same products and services to everyone. Choose a company that seeks to understand the way your company uses technology, and how that technology can help your business grow.

Who supplies all of these features? We do! CMIT Solutions of Gilbert and Mesa offers all of the features above. We’re always supervising and updating your systems. And if something goes wrong, we stand by your side and work diligently to resolve the issue, no matter how hard the job, or long it takes.

In this unpredictable digital world, you need a deserve partner who takes a proactive approach to your technology. Contact us for a complimentary review of your IT infrastructure, and see how affordable it is to lose those summer(IT)me blues!

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