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CMIT Solutions of Hartford: The Difference

CMIT Solutions of Hartford

45 S Main St #310 West Hartford, CT 06107

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At CMIT, we strive to bring you the very best in information technology business services, for small to mid-sized companies in the Connecticut area. As one of many tech support companies, we endeavor to stand out from the crowd, by priding ourselves as one of the best information technology consulting firms, offering a wide range of solutions to companies in every industry.

When looking for information technology consulting companies, you want someone who understands the needs of your business and who can help with a wide variety of problems at a moment’s notice. Outsourcing your IT management can streamline your business. Instead of battling computer problems every day, our friendly professionals can offer your efficient, personalized help.

Servicing the Greater Hartford and Farmington, Connecticut areas, we provide IT Solutionsof the highest quality, with knowledgeable representatives. Technology is making waves in every industry—you want to be ready, whether or not you are tech savvy. We can help set up and maintain a system that is easy to use and fits your needs exactly, addressing any problem or concern that arises.

Our approach is unique … we offer the highest quality in IT Support as well as superior customer service, all catered towards your specific needs and industry.

Customer Service

Customer service is at the forefront of CMIT Solutions. We know that some IT-related problems are emergencies and that you often need answers and help right away. We put you and your business first, whether your problem is emergent or whether you are just looking for an information technology management consultant.

Many information technology consulting firms are too focused on the technology itself and not focused enough on the people who need their help. We do both, whether over the phone or face-to-face. While many problems can be fixed over the phone or through remote access, some require a physical presence, in order to really understand what the problem is and how it can be fixed.

No Business Is Too Small

You may believe that your company is too small for information technology service management. Many tech support companies only deal with large, enterprise-size companies. We know that even small companies now use highly specialized software and hardware that often needs the attention of a professional.

Business technology services are not just for giant, multi-national companies anymore. Affordable small business IT Consultants are available right now to discuss your IT needs, whether your company has fifty employees or just one. Help desk support outsourcing is as easy as giving us a call or sending us an email! No business is too small to take advantage of IT outsourcing services. Instead of going without, make sure that you have experienced professionals in your corner to solve any problem.

A Real Outsource IT Firm

The best technology solution providers will never turn a computer problem back over to their clients. Instead, as IT Support specialists, we handle any computer related issue ourselves. We know that in some outsourced IT situations, the computer help desk services expect their clients to solve their own problems, believing their remote location to be a reason not to provide a full-service IT consultancy firm functionality.

Instead of putting any IT-related responsibilities back on you, we take them on personally, and without prejudice. If you ever have an IT problem, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to make sure it is corrected efficiently and effectively. We are your new IT department! Because small companies often do not have the resources, manpower, or need for a full-time IT staff, we step in and fill the gap; playing that same role with personalized IT solutions that few other companies can offer you.

Years of Experience

Our team has years of experience handling a wide range of IT problems, on thousands of different devices and platforms. From a disconnected server to antivirus and maintenance, one of our skilled professionals can walk you through every step of the installation, management, update, or repair process, either remotely or onsite.

CMIT Solutions of Hartford
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