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IT Support For Construction and Architect Firms in CT

Be productive – at the office and in the field.

Construction Company IT Support

When people think about the world of architecture and construction, they think about people who work with their hands to build something truly magnificent; however, technology plays a prominent world in the modern world of architecture and construction. When people are looking for a quality IT support staff, rely on our professional firm to provide a comprehensive suite of IT support functions.

Managed IT For Your Construction Firm

Construction firms and architects rely on advanced software to render impressive 3D graphics to make sure that their construction plans are correct before putting the physical foundation in place. Furthermore, there are multiple minds working together that depend on a solid network connection to communicate ideas in a timely fashion. The best way to solve problems that arise with this advanced software and network connection arena is to prevent problems from developing in the first place. Our managed IT services and network support staff have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that any problems are handled before the client even realizes that they’re present with both on-site and remote assistance at all hours of the day, including issues with email setup and Microsoft 365.

Cloud Computing with Backup and Recovery Services

Weather can be unpredictable and can take down a network in seconds. If the network goes down, people can lose their data, setting them back in their construction projects. This is where our backup services come into play. We make sure that everyone’s data is backed up to the cloud, a virtual space that holds a backup copy of our customers’ data at all times. If anything happens, this data can be downloaded from the cloud to replace the lost copy. Furthermore, our customers can also use the cloud to share files with business partners. This means that people don’t have to worry about their files being too large for an email. Best of all, if anything does happen to their files, we have the premier disaster recovery services in the industry that can retrieve data from hardware that most people would think are gone forever.

Cyber Security and Support

While technology has changed the industry in more ways than one, the viruses have become just as advanced as this technology. That’s why we employ only the most advanced cyber security on the market. The last thing anyone in the industry wants is to have their architectural plans stole and leaked onto the open market. Therefore, rely on our professionals to place cyber security at the top of our priority list to ensure that all of your data is protected with the most advanced equipment on the market.

If your Connecticut architect or construction firm is in need of IT support, contact CMIT today!

Managed IT Services for Construction Companies

Time is of the essence in the construction industry. When contracts are on the line, you can’t afford to waste time with unreliable networks, incompatible software and employee communication breakdowns. That’s where CMIT solutions comes in.

We understand the challenges your company faces. Supervisors, estimators and your sales team need 24×7 access to their computer tools. CAD, estimating and other software must be properly integrated. Your network must maintain uptime.

Ways to position your construction company for success with IT services:

  • Deliver mobility solutions to keep your team in contact
  • Protect your electronic files and data
  • Ensure your software packages work well together
  • Maintain your network for a stable foundation for your business

In short, we’ll work to eliminate the downtime that costs you time and money. CMIT Solutions provide affordable, efficient solutions to meet your technology needs.

Construction IT Support

We know the technology tools that companies in the construction industry rely on every day. Let us manage your IT so you can manage your business.

Custom IT Solutions for your Construction Company

A reliable IT Support company who can keep up with your demands is essential. We understand that you work in a fast paced industry, and require immediate support to help fix issues whenever and wherever they happen.

We know the unique nature of the construction industry and the challenges you face, such as:

  • Multiple sites – some temporary
  • Frequently changing numbers of users
  • Support and configuration of portable applications and mobile devices
  • Remote job duties

We are proud to support your systems and ensure uptime, providing support for third-party applications and liaising with vendors should any issues arise.

You can rest assured that we will take the time to understand your specific business needs, devising a tailored solution that will enhance your productivity and help you get your work done faster.

“At Alpha Industries, technology is critical to the success of our business. When we first started our business, we had a friend come in and set up our server, but we quickly outgrew that setup. That’s when we realized that we really needed a partner whose core focus was on technology and that’s what they were known for. Working with our local CMIT Solutions office, they have really expanded upon what I even thought our needs were, and I have been able to think proactively about future steps our company might take. CMIT has really exceeded any and all of my expectations in planning that road map ahead of us. “

Trent Henckell, CEO of Alpha Industries, LLC

IT Services for your Construction Business

Our local CMIT Solutions team can handle all of your hardware, software, cloud computing, networking, and cybersecurity needs. Ask about our encrypted email service, data encryption, secure networking, and secure guest Wi-Fi offerings.

Procurement IT Suport


Let us handle the purchase of new hardware, software, and other mission-critical IT equipment at discounted prices

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Nationwide IT Support

Multi-Location Support

No matter where you are, chances are that we have an office nearby. Get the IT support you need, anytime, anywhere

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Cloud IT Support

Cloud Solutions

Secure access to manage your documents, files, emails, and other critical assets from anywhere

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Network Security CT

Network Security

Manage access to your most important data, keep critical information secure with firewalls and monitoring, improving your business performance with the right mix of network management, security, and bandwidth.

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Computer Data Backup Recovery CT

Backup and Recovery

Mistakes happen, computers fail, and people drop things. Protect your data by keeping your employees up and running

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24/7 IT Support

24/7 IT Support

Have an IT problem? We can help. Whatever the question is, we are on call, ready to solve any problems that might arise

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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Never run out of toner again while saving time and money with intelligent permission-based print management solutions

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

We manage every device your team uses — tablets or phones, no problem

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IT Support Guide

5 Reasons Why File Sync and Share is Critical for the Success of your Construction Company

Just because you can access a document in the cloud or on your computer doesn’t mean it’s safe, shareable, or even up to date.

Consider how essential it is for you and your employees to have the ability to access, edit, and collaborate on documents in an efficient and secure way no matter where you are or what type of device you are using.

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