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Value add of Managed IT services for Finance and Insurance

Rapid transformation with productivity, security and cost optimization

Custom IT solutions for Finance and Insurance

Financial service firms are undergoing rapid digital transformation to stay competitive in a fast moving industry while keeping up with regulations, optimizing cost, ensuring cyber security and planning for business continuity and contingency planning – all at the same time.

300% more likely to be hit by cyber attacks

  • 70% firms after a major data breach goes out of business within 2 years
  • Average time to detect an attach is 206 days p
  • Avg. cost of data breach $3.9 to $8.2M

New and overlapping regulations

  • Data Protection: CCPA, GDPR, Shield Act
  • Data Breach notification laws of the states
  • Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (DFA)

Operational resilience against unforeseen events

  • Pandemic, global depression and resulting challenges
  • 74% firms uncertain of geopolitical events
  • 84% uncertain economic growth

Productivity with hybrid work force

  • Maintaining security and productivity with remote workforce
  • Invest in technology to enable employees to work and collaborate remotely

Leveraging new technology to drive growth

  • Technologically leading firms driving 19% growth
  • 45% of such firms investing $5M+ and 25% M $10M+ in AI
  • 70% planning to increase investment in AI

Cost containment while driving growth

  • 54% of CEOs are planning cost reduction next year
  • Use of cloud to reduce operating costs
  • Task automation for better efficiency and reduced cost

Increasing customer expectations

  • Per 2019 Accenture study 64% customers want personalized insurance premiums
  • Customized banking and money management solutions are increasing

Financial crime and reputation management

  • Bringing new products and services without creasing the risk of Financial crime
  • Maintaining ethical conduct and customers’ trust

We know the challenges of finance and insurance industry and deliver reliable solutions that deliver productivity, security and growth. Let us manage your technology and security so that you can focus on growing your business.

Notable security breaches in the recent years

147 million

  • Username, address, social security, driver’s license and date of birth
  • Continued from Mar to Aug ‘17 disclosed in Sep ‘17
  • Series of failures, e.g. security patch failed, Servers and data categories not properly segregated and security certificate expired several months ago
  • FTC & Consumer Bureau fined $700 million and Class action Lawsuit of $1.38 billion
  • $1.4 billion cleanup cost and improvement of security


  • Social Security numbers, 80,000 bank accounts, 1 million Canadian social insurance numbers, 10+ million of credit card applications
  • Ex-Amazon worker with expertise in Network security exploited Firewall misconfiguration on cloud servers
  • FBI investigation and $150 million damage
  • Hacker charged $250K fine and 5 years in prison

885 million

  • Account statements, mortgage and tax records, Social Security no., Wire transaction receipts and Drivers license
  • Design defect enabled accessing confidential information through URL hacking
  • Lawsuits and FBI investigation followed
  • Increased risk of identity theft and email attack for the compromised accounts

A differentiated, end-to-end capability with deep experience

24/7 IT Support

  • Preventive IT support model keeps your systems up and running 24/7, so that you can focus on your business
  • Proactive monitoring helps address issues before those occurs
  • 24/7 Help desk support to help address issues in real time and keep your workforce productive

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Secured data backup and fast recovery in case of any data loss
  • Customizable, scheduled and automated backup
  • 256-bit encrypted onsite and offsite backup to meet data security compliance requirements
  • Cost-effective disaster recovery over fast and secured network for finance industry

Network Security

  • We help firms meet the data and information security standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority, GDPR, Payment Services Directive, SWIFT CSP and PCI DSS
  • Multi-layered security antivirus, anti-malware, email security to minify cyber attacks
  • Enhanced 24/7 continuous monitoring

Cloud Solutions

  • We offer a wide range of options for cloud business and comprehensive management of various platforms
  • Smooth cloud services  to host applications, provide data storage and enable collaboration
  • Our flexible managed solutions helps the financial sector to improve efficiency while reducing cost and risk

Ransomware Protection

  • CMIT single sign on privileged account access management and cybersecurity assessment helps protect your data from ransomware
  • Intelligent firewall and DNS filtering of your network
  • Antivirus, anti-malware, email security and secured file sharing

Networking Services

  • We provide a central decision point to share contextual data with MDM/EMM, helpdesk, SIEM, threat-defense, and other systems
  • Our IT engineers make sure smooth performance, bandwidth optimization and management of your network
  • 24/7 technical support


  • CMIT is your trusted advisor for selecting, procuring and implementing technology solutions to support client engagement and other objectives
  • We will manage your project end-to-end and deliver it on time and within budget
  • Our vendor partnerships allow us the buying power to procure the best solution at the best price

Multi-Location Support

  • CMIT provides you multi-location IT support for all your needs whether it is in-person or remote
  • On location 24/7/365 technical and infrastructure support over a email or call
  • Access to experienced IT professionals on demand at an optimized cost

What Our Customers Say

Joe Bottani, an Arch Brokerage Partner, tells how CMIT Solutions has helped their business get ahead of IT issues

Real estate firm opens new location and rapidly ramps up operations using CMIT’s reliable services

NJ based construction company selects CMIT for IT support and security of their nationwide operations

Chicago-area CPA firm grows thanks to trustworthy IT solutions and reliable network management

Value add of Managed IT services for Finance & Insurance


A predictable cost model that scales with your business across all stages of growth. In-house IT team for small and midsized firms could be expensive and may incur unpredictable expenses e.g. attrition, re-training and other emergencies that could be limiting to your business

Improved service & reduced risk

24/7 support, on-site support when needed and extended hours and weekend support to resolve issues without downtime. In addition, our Operating Center is constantly monitoring your IT systems in real time and solving many issues before you see their impact


With ever increasing Cyber security incidents on financial sector, Data security regulations are getting increasingly stringent. We secure your IT infrastructure not only to mitigate cyber threats but also to comply with all applicable regulations and help with any audit and certification requirements

70% CIOs are looking for growth and
partnership when looking for MSP


As a leading MSP, we can provide expert services on demand with a scalable model. Hiring or retraining not always an efficient model, especially for one-time projects. A scalable model with access to experts with the required skills helps expedite your projects at optimum cost


As your business evolves, your technology systems needs to scale. An efficient IT capacity planning requires strategic insight of economy, your industry and unforeseen risk factors . Our national coverage and deep experience with your peers enable us to bring these insights


Financial technology is rapidly evolving, and major firms are using AI, Big data and analytics to gain competitive advantage. This could be overwhelming and put for smaller firms at disadvantage. A leading MSP can will help you leverage these new technologies for your growth

Latest Technology Trends in Finance Industry

As per Deloitte survey, 47% of the financial services executives are evaluating AI for business applications, while 45% started developing new applications for robotics automation and 43% launched blockchain programs for commercial applications. It is evident that financial industry will look substantially different 5-10 years, and the entire industry is trying to understand the key trends and adjusting their business models to stay aligned to it. Here are some key trends and priorities for the smaller firms:

  1. Evaluate and update your IT infrastructure and operating model to be ready for the change
  2. Optimize cost by reducing legacy systems, leveraging SaaS, Cloud, AI and Robotics process automation
  3. Cyber security will be the top risk for financial industry and reputational damage would be irreparable
  4. Customer intelligence would be the most important tool of revenue growth
  5. Firms with advanced technology capabilities will be positions to develop faster customer insight
  6. Prepare technology architecture to connect and operate from any device, anytime and anywhere
  7. Ensure access to the skills and talents when needed
  8. Cloud will become the dominant technology infrastructure

Office Workflow Automation

  • Automation helps you deliver consistent and quality results to your customer faster
  • Reduces human errors and incidents and produces complete audit trail for better compliance
  • Enhances data-processing accuracy, cost savings and increased workforce productivity
  • Enables you to process much larger volume of data than traditionally possible and develop important trends and business insights

Customer Intelligence

  • New technologies like Big data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are providing businesses access to exponentially more individualized data about consumer behaviour
  • Leading firms are enhancing their technology infrastructure to mine this data and develop insights for better business growth
  • Data and intelligence are also being used for better risk management and detecting irregularities or fraud more accurately and reduce risks

Cloud adoption

  • Cloud is becoming the dominant infrastructure model for finance
  • Firms are transitioning to SaaS applications for business apps, like ERP, CRM, HR and Accounting
  • Use of cloud is also rising for specialized applications like security analytics, KYC verification
  • Core service infrastructures are also moving to cloud for better scalability, e.g. consumer payments, credit scoring, and statements and billings for asset managers

Digital Transformation

  • The technologies are driving 3 types of digital transformations:
  • Process transformation, where data, API and machine learning is reinventing business processes
  • Business transformation, such as online only banking where new business models are evolving
  • New business domains, where technology companies are entering financial space like Paypal into banking and credit cardsAre you ready to not risk missing out these emerging opportunities?

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60+ Leading vendor partnerships to bring the best in class solutions

We partner with more leading technology companies to bring best in class solutions and services at a highly competitive cost






Remote support and technology infrastructure management solutions
Cloud based backups,  BCDR appliances intelligent firewall and email security products
Endpoint security for computers and network with cloud-based threat intelligence services
Desktop, Laptop, Servers, Storage solutions, Driver software and  peripherals
Cloud based productivity and collaboration with Office 365, Team, OneDrive, Power BI and Power Apps
Remote connectivity for troubleshooting and support, and cloud-based collaboration and remote working
SaaS based cloud and on-premise data backup and recovery and Business Continuity Planning
Static and Behavioral AI  engine with Automated EDR for isolation, immunization and rollback of threats
Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Server, Display devices, Accessories, Data Center and phones
Secured cloud-based collaboration and productivity apps powered by Google
Professional Services Automation (PSA) for complete IT service delivery management
Cloud based online file sharing, collaboration and document management platform
Next-gen firewalls for perimeter security with signature, heuristics, sandboxing and Deep packet inspection
Reinventive technology solutions, and hardware and software peripherals
Cloud computing services for building, testing and managing app and services with a scalable model
Unified remote monitoring and management software for maintenance and support
Network Attached Storage solutions, External Drives and Optical Drives
Endpoint Detection and Response and Secured Gateway, SD-WAN security and Incident Response solutions
IT & secure  networking hardware and software solutions
On demand Cloud computing with scalable model on a pay as you go basis.
Let’s talk about your IT needs and how we can help

Let’s talk about your IT needs and how we can help

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